Hiking in the Centre Hills

January 24, 2017


Happy Birthday, Brian! The songsters at the Taj composed an awesome birthday song for Brian. See the lyrics below. A song was composed for Al’s birthday too. We may have a new tradition for Cobble Beach. We just have to have Al and Barb build at Cobble to be sure they are available for song writing. Of course it has been mentioned that we are a very connected group. Everyone whips out their iPads over morning tea or coffee to connect with the world; so, perhaps Al and Barb could send us lyrics, but we would rather have them at Cobble.

We rotated in to play pepper last night to keep our numbers to six. The end result was that the men won. I had the best practice hand ever before we officially started. I am sure that the women would have won if we had used the practice hand. We went to bed well after Venus, and even after most of the houses on Garibaldi Hill had turned out their lights. Was it that bottle of champagne that kept us up later?

Yesterday afternoon six of us went to try snorkelling at Lime Kiln Beach. Upon arrival we should have known the the waves were way too big to even bother. Only Susan and Barb were smart enough to stay on the shore. Brian returned to shore after getting through the waves and feeling seasick with the wave action. I followed Al and Bryan farther out. I was rewarded with a glimpse of tube coral, fan coral and two fish before the water was too cloudy to see anything. After that I bobbed up and down waiting for the other two to agree there was nothing to see. Happily we survived the waves upon reentry and did not get dashed upon the rocks. Sadly Al lost his mask and snorkel to a wave that probably took them across to Redonda or buried them in the sand deep in the sea.

Today we decided to hike the Cot Trail in the Centre Hills. The guidebook describes this as a light walk throughout, 2.6 kilometres and an hour and a half long. We agree that a wide, mostly paved trail at the beginning was easy except that it was all uphill. We did have vistas over Olveston, Olde Town and Salem although some of the shorter people in our midst found that the tall grasses got in our way. There were huge leafed philodendron, lots of banana trees with big bunches of green bananas and an enormous red flower with each bunch. It was easier to spot the flora as it did not move so banyan trees, bamboo and locust trees were easy to identify. The yellow butterflies and red rim butterflies were easy to spot but they did not pose. Perhaps we needed to be out earlier and make less noise to see and hear birds. We saw one live agouti and the remains of another.

We forged a new trail somewhere close to what should have been the end of our trail. We did not do this on purpose but we missed a left turn somewhere and found ourselves on a narrow descending path that was slippery with leaves and short on handrails. It was especially difficult for those of us who did not have a walking stick. We do not think any humans made this path. Perhaps it was an animal path then a waterway during the rainy season. The end result was that we survived our descent, discovered part of the Oriole Trail and made our way back to the Cot Trail via the Duberry-Cassava trail. This last trail was well marked and easy. Next we only had to walk back along the road to our people mover without being run over. There was a blast of the noon siren as I stepped across the road. Because this siren was on a tower ten feet behind me, I nearly jumped out of my skin thinking a truck was about to squash me. We hiked 4.5 kilometres in two hours and seventeen minutes. We needed to resupply the fridge with Caribs on our way back to the Taj even though some of us just wanted to fall into the pool. In good time both were accomplished and we relaxed in the shade of the coconut palm.

Siesta time!
67 Here in Heaven ( to the tune of Dancing Cheek to Cheek)
Sixty seven
here inHeaven
With the beaches, hiking, beer and Tilley hats
Makes you forget about the spiders bugs and rats
When we’re all together here in Montserrat

it’s your birthday
Visit Rendezvous with kayak or portage.
Watch the sunset turn from golden to orange (French)m
But when you blow your candles don’t burn down the Taj

Back in Cobble , We’ll all wobble,
When you carry on as if you’re 22
But we’ll all be at your door to ask if you
Can you help us do the things that only you can do!

When we are with you, it’s not an issue,
When we’re left behind in baking and repairs
We will follow you to earthly ends and more
Just because we are friends forever more.

Sixty seven, here in heaven,
With the beaches, hiking, beer and Tilley hats
Makes you forget about the spiders bugs and rats
When we’re all together here in Montserrat!


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