Many Hands

January 19, 2017

Top left: the Taj, bottom photo: Nevis on the horizon with Redonda to the right

Many hands make light work. This morning between yoga and swims in the pool many tasks were looked after. I weeded, trimmed and sprayed plants with a soapy solution. Others removed old screens in preparation for new ones to be installed, cleaned louvres, added feet to chairs, measured for replacement cushions for wicker furniture. Local workers came and went: a productive morning.

This afternoon felt extra hot, quite still. Sleeping and reading in the shade were the preferred activities. I was perusing the book about the flora and fauna of the Eastern Caribbean. Fascinating. I might even be able to identify a few more plants and birds. Roosters and chickens are plentiful everywhere, but not exactly native species

Al and Barb drove to the airport to pick up our next two Canadian guests, Peter and Sharon. Our party of ten is now complete, or it will be as soon as they arrive. Bryan and Susan met with the gardener while Pam and John are busy preparing a fish feast. Brian and I walked to the beach at Hank’s Bar. Brian tried fishing while I walked the beach being entertained by twenty pelicans and a couple of frigate birds. We had a lovely swim. The water was the calmest it has been.

Looking forward to a full starry night.



  1. How come you’re weeding, spraying plants and fixing furniture? Just curious. I enjoy that sort of thing and the Taj looks and sounds wonderful. Especially love the relaxed nature of your afternoons!

  2. Sounds idyllic Rona Lynn. We still haven’t heard about any of the tests that Jim has to have before the op. Patience! Love Kate and Jim

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