Showers and Sun

January 16, 2017

Rain, Sun, Rain, Rainbow

It’s a loud downpour this evening after a day of intermittent light showers and sunshine.

A tough day: I read a lot, sometimes sitting in sunshine, sometimes retreating few feet to be sheltered from a shower. I enjoyed swimming in the pool and in the sea. The waves were enormous in the sea, fun to be in if you were tall enough to get past the breakers and able to jump up with the waves or dive into them. We had to time our race to shore between the big waves. Some of our party were too short to safely enjoy the waves.

After an hour and a half power outage we are now ready to challenge the men to a game of pepper.



  1. Hi RonaLynn and Brian,
    Have a wonderful time in Monserrat! Pictures are great! We are enjoy San Jose del Cabo… great weather, lovely condo and interesting new spot in Mexico to explore. See you back at the beach in March!
    Fran and Terry

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