Home Again

Home Again, Home Again
Niagara Falls to Cobble Beach
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Always a pleasure to come home. We picked up our essential grocery items at Zehrs and still arrived home around 1 PM. A number of our flowers bloomed and finished without us: tulips, poppies and half the irises. Some are still blooming. A yellow dahlia is in full bloom. That was a surprise, a quick growth from bulb. The peonies are still looking good. The rhubarb went to seed! The weeds were not supposed to push through the mulch but they did and will provide me with some hours of work.

I got out the window screens we had put away for the winter, washed them and put them up so that we could open them wide. We unpacked, are airing our sleeping bags and out away our backpacks.

Then we golfed the front nine. What a perfectly glorious golf day. It even appears we still know how to golf after being away for a month.

We had a lovely chicken dinner at Kate’s. Kate beat us at Hand and Foot. A pleasure to be together again and share our respective stories.

A full moon is shining beautifully across Georgian Bay welcoming us home.




  1. What a month! Amazing adventures/experiences, beautiful landscapes and photos, and great stories to let all of us travel along with you. I don’t know how I would have fared on that ledge at God’s Land! Lera

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