A Lazy Day

Happy Summer!
Niagara Falls
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sleeping in until 8 AM was a good feeling. A large familiar bed facilitates a good sleep. We often had eggs for breakfast in England but had not eaten eggs in a week. Brian made delicious fluffy scrambled eggs and there were still some of my chocolate banana bran muffins in the freezer. I made another dozen bran muffins this morning to keep my father-in-law supplied.

I drove, for the first time in a month, to Virgil to visit Margaret. Her gardens are looking splendid. Our nephew, Frederick, had not quite finished his great landscaping job when last we visited, but all is done now and Margaret has added many flowering plants from friends. She has also planted vegetables with her flowers and everything is thriving.

It is always a pleasure to visit with my sister. We exchange hiking tales. Margaret had an amazing Adirondack hiking experience. It sounds as if she and her friends are more than ready for their tour of Mont Blanc next week. I look forward to hearing of that adventure. We are hoping Brian’s knee will improve rather than worsen and we too will do the tour one day.

We visited my mother-in-law in her nursing home. She was happy to be wheeled downstairs to the garden. We showed her photos of our trip on the iPad. As we look back at these photos some of them from a month ago seem so much more removed than that. We covered a lot of ground in a month.

I am thankful that I wore hiking boots rather than shoes. In the Lake District and especially in Iceland the rubble and rocks underfoot were good for twisting ankles. Although the ground was not as rough in North Yorkshire, shoes would have required gaiters or we would have had water in our shoes even though the bogs were not as wet as they could have been. For those of you who red my Camino blogs, you may remember me complaining that the soles of my feet were burning. I wore orthotics this time and am happy to report that there were only two occasions when I had burning feet. Changing socks helped alleviate the burning.

We did some grocery shopping. Brian prepared beef ribs for supper. They were awesome with new potatoes and fresh corn on the cob. I have not had a feed of fresh strawberries yet, but I did have a few berries on vanilla ice cream. I hope to buy some strawberries at a roadside stand on our way home tomorrow. Failing that maybe this will be a good year for “Pick Your Own” en route to Sauble Beach.

I trimmed some shrubbery and pulled weeds, getting warmed up for our return to our own garden.

I walked 4.68 kilometres around the neighbourhood this evening, a leisurely stroll with Brilynn for company even though she was walking in Toronto. Aren’t cell phones wonderful?

Google is great for calculating distances. From Toronto to Reykjavik is 4168 kilometres. From Reykjavik to Manchester is 1654 kilometres. Flying distance return is then 11644 kilometres. Cobble Beach to Niagara to Toronto is 410 kilometres and Manchester to Gosforth is 115.5 kilometres. Both of these road trips are doubled for the reverse trip thus 1051 kilometres for a grand total of 12695 kilometres. That is enough to make me want to go back to bed. Good night!



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  1. Hi Rona Lynn and Brian Thank you for taking us along on your adventures! We thoroughly enjoyed your fireside chats and learning about the landscape, challenges, food and fun. Welcome home to Cobble Beach and we look forward to seeing you up there for the long weekend. Thanks also for sharing your flowers with us – my Mom and I circled through your garden several times with our bucket enjoying the best ones and searching for fish. Happy homecoming! Love, Susan and Bryan


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