Flying Over the Pond

Sunday – Monday, May 22-23, 2016

One of the frustrations of flying is having to arrive three hours prior to our flight so that we can line up and line up and line up again at the airport, most notably at Pearson in Toronto. The very good news is that Brilynn dropped us off at the departure doors and we dashed through check-in, sauntered to security, saw huge lineups but miraculously we made it through security without even having to remove our boots and the total time from front door to past security was seventeen minutes. This even included my being randomly selected to have my hands scanned for explosive residue. I passed even though the checker was a comedian who tried to scare me.

It is a glorious sunny day with a temperature of 25C in Toronto. I rolled up my pant legs and stayed barefoot in the car. Putting hiking boots on was not too appealing. The forecast for the Lake District does not look as warm or dry, but forecasts can be wrong, n’est-ce pas? Ever hopeful!

Brilynn gave us a mini-lesson on turning iPhone communication apps off and on. Always a pleasure to have a visit and snacks with Jim and Lynn. Stephanie came in time for hugs too.

Above the clouds dawn was spectacular in rosy hues. Brian always manages to sleep more than me on these night flights. I watched interesting videos about Iceland. Below the clouds, we encountered rain and 6C. I almost did not bring my red jacket. So glad I have it. Marilyn will say I will be over-dressed for hiking, but in the non-hiking times I will be cozy.

The chicken Caesar pizza and salad we had in Toronto was well past digested by 2:45 AM, changed to 6:45AM in Kevlavik airport. We had time for a cappuccino that was delicious but too small. We shared a grilled ham and cheese, Icelandic granola bar and yogourt: Skyr. Our stomachs will stop rumbling now. We had comfortable extra leg room seats but Icelandair, as with most airlines was not generous with food. Juice and water can only sustain one so long.

We had an hour ten minute delay after boarding our plane for Manchester. There is a shortage of control tower staff today. The line was much slower in Kevlavik for boarding. Brilynn will be glad to know we were successful in scanning our tickets. Many others were not.

Since we had to sit all that extra time on the tarmac, I was able to watch the whole comedy, In My Shoes. Brian slept.

Jim was waiting for us front and centre. Yeah! Thick Chicken Mulligatawny soup and a roll were a welcome lunch en route to Gosforth. Everything is so green in England. All the trees are in full leaf. Rhododendrons are gorgeous. Yellow laburnum are showing off as purple wisteria, still fragrant, are fading.

The highlight of today was lounging in sunshine in Jim’s garden sipping Gin and Tonic and catching up with Jim. 14C is a good temperature. All the clouds have disappeared. The sky is a serene blue. We walked around the village after roast chicken, salad and ice cream.

After more of than 36 hours with very little sleep, bed is calling us even though it is still light!


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