Mapping Our Journey

Excitement mounts as we take care of last minute details. These include playing nine holes of golf this morning because this is the absolute most beautiful day this year! We were going to fit in kayaking but as we finished golfing the temperature dropped from 22C to 15C. The wind is now out of the north. Although we cannot see whitecaps, the movement of water from north to south is noticeably more than we want to paddle.

I spent a good part of this week looking after the gardens: edging the beds, pulling weeds, planting vegetables and moving indoor plants outside. This is not the ideal time of year to leave for a month, but our hope is that it will be a perfect time to walk across England and to visit Iceland.

Did I mention Iceland? After walking for fifteen days across England, we are going to meet Eliane in Robin Hood’s Bay. Yeah! Then we are going to walk and take a bus to get to Chollerford which is in the middle of Hadrian’s Wall. We intend to walk for two days along Hadrian’s Wall before we have Jim pick us up and take us back to his house for a few days before we return home via Iceland.

We will be five days in Iceland and will do the three day guided excursion known as Trekking Behind the Mountain. More adventure awaits. We will be in Iceland for the longest day of the year.

I inherited from my father a love of maps and so, here I will share with you a map of England showing the three parks we will cross, another map showing the Coast to Coast trail. On this map the upside down tear drops are our stopping places each night. I am sure there is a name for these upside down tears, I will rely on Brilynn to inform me as to what the correct terminology is. There are also two indicators just north of the Coast to Coast trail. This is where we will be staying on Hadrian’s Wall.


map England

Below are the elevations that we will be traversing as we walk from west to east. The majority of hikers walk this path from west to east as the prevailing winds and rain are then in your back, not because the trail is easier in the Lake District. Obviously the reverse is true.


Our wish, of course, is that the air will be dry, not too hot and not too cold, and our aging bodies will carry us forward, ever forward. Not too much to ask! Is it?

I will go and deadhead the oldest of my daffodils. Then I will probably reassess what is in my backpack and repack one more time. Tomorrow we will drive to Niagara.

We are coming, Jim! It will not be long now! In forty-eight hours we will be on our way from Niagara to Toronto for our flight with Icelandair.




  1. What a beautiful journey you have planned!

    We’re with you in spirit every step of the way.



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