Homeward Bound

Sunset on QEW

Sunset on QEW

Homeward Bound
May 7, 2015

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The three of us were awake when our synchronized alarms sounded at 6:30 AM. Our routine is so well tuned that we were showered, dressed, packed and on the street at 7 AM and it was daylight! A month ago when we started hiking at that hour, we were going by starlight. We did not go far to get breakfast. Margaret’s tostadas were disappointing white sliced bread. Brian and I opted for bacon and eggs which also garnered us a basket of bread cut from a baguette. I mostly enjoyed my freshly squeezed orange juice.

There were not crowds of pedestrians at that hour but motor city was whizzing by: cars, bikes, scooters and buses. We had a shoe walk to our aerobus. Too bad we did not know this shortcut upon arrival. Yesterday we asked three people for directions and walked for half an hour or more to find our hotel.

I learned from google that the Palau de Musica across from our lodging was not designed by Gaudi but by someone else in 1908, whose name now escapes me. No free wifi here at Barcelona airport; I used it up yesterday; so, I cannot Google again. At any rate, the architect won a prize for his design and the Palau de Musica has since been declared a World Heritage site.

There was a concert there last night. We heard the orchestra warming up while the concert attendees were entering. The concert did not begin until 9:30 PM; so, too late for us. It would have been interesting seeing the inside this building. We contented ourselves with pressing our noses to the windows and seeing the shapely glass stair ballisters.

Competing with the orchestra were students practising the scales at the music school one floor below us. Their violin and saxophone practices did not compare favourably with the orchestra. Fortunately for us, lessons stopped by 9:30 PM. The German soccer fans blew fewer horns but still made a racket in the street sometime during the night. It is probably good for us that Germany lost.

There is an International Auto Show in Barcelona for ten days and a Formula 1 race this weekend. I think this city has a very active schedule. Our bartender confirmed that the streets are always full particularly from March until the end of October.

7:46 PM ( Ontario time- 1:46 AM Spain time)
We did not sleep on the plane, either of them. We watched three movies. Brian secured an extra leg room seat for himself, the last on the plane to Toronto; so, we did not see much of him.

Our flight was half an hour late leaving Barcelona but the pilot made up twenty minutes of that flight. We were an hour late leaving Paris but arrived half an hour early in Toronto then sat on the plane for an hour. There had been a medical emergency on our plane and Public Health had to thoroughly check an individual before any of us or our baggage were released from the plane.

Our dear brother, Jim, picked us up at the airport and drove us to his house in Mississauga where our dear sister-in-law, Lynn, had prepared a welcome home feast for us. We enjoyed their company as well as Stephanie’s and Brilynn’s as we munched through sushi and pizza appetizers followed by delicious roast chicken, potatoes and salad followed by delightful fresh fruit salad.

Much as we were enjoying the company, we had to move on to Niagara as we were beginning to notice the time change.

We are now zooming along the QEW in light traffic on a sunny evening with a temperature of 19C.

We will drop Margaret off at her house and stay at Brian’s parents for a few days before going home.

The end of a wonderful adventure!



  1. Thank you so much for your diligence in posting during your adventure! Paul sent me your blogs and I signed up so I could receive them myself. I loved reading your posts and seeing the pics. I’m glad you all made it home safely and maybe we can all get together sometime soon and hear some of the stories.

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