Busy Barcelona

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Barcelona (pop: 1 510 000)
May 6, 2015
7:20 AM to 10:20 AM
1.5 hours for 900 kilometres

The taxi ride from our hotel to the Lavacolla airport took eleven minutes. There is no traffic in Barcelona before 8:30 AM. I think it took us almost two hours to walk into Santiago from the airport on Sunday.

Our flight with Ryan Air was much faster than van or walking. It did seem to take an inordinate amount of time to pick up one checked bag. We took the bus into Barcelona. When the outlying areas of the city are counted, the population is four million.

We think all the people of Barcelona were walking in the city centre today. As well there is a very loud, very visible fan base from Germany here for tonight’s soccer game. It is quite overwhelming for Camino walkers who are not used to such crowds.

Barcelona is a pedestrian friendly city with many squares and narrow curving streets. There is quite a mix of architecture although Gaudi’s quirky designs leap out in many places.

We wandered the streets, past the cathedral, down to the harbour and around it ogling hundreds of expensive boats. We walked the length of La Rambla, people watching and savouring ice cream. We wore shorts! We had pizza at Via Margarita: an unusual one that had fresh spinach and honey on top instead of cheese. Tasty.

We have an unusual hotel room on the third floor. The whole hotel is on this one floor; Pensio 2000, and it is a full house tonight. The decor is hippie sixties style, high ceilings, orange walls, green couch and chairs in the living area, eclectic art, collections of a variety of small things on display. It is across the street from the Gaudi designed music hall. We hope that we will see the night lights on it, but we may be asleep before then. Wandering the streets is more tiring than walking twenty kilometres to a destination.

Our flight leaves for Paris then Toronto at 10:15 AM. We are homeward bound.


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