The Long Straight Road

Carrion de Los Condes to Moratinos (population: 20)
April 17, 2015
7:30 AM – 2:30 PM
7 hrs for 30.2 km

image image image image

It was a long straight road, the longest distance so far AND we passed the half way mark! For the past few days we have been travelling through the bread basket of Spain, huge flat fields mostly green, some freshly planted, richer soil with fewer rocks as we arrived here. It was Saskatchewan without any farm houses or grain elevators. Here everyone lives in the village.

The first few kilometres were paved, then many kilometres of red packed country road, then some grey gravel dust road followed by red dirt path senda along a two lane quiet highway then back to red dirt country road through green fields. Almost all roads and paths were straight, some lined with poplars leafed out. Some wild flowers in the ditches: a different one today that was plentiful was a thirty centimetre tall stalk with clusters of creamy trumpets that opened into four petals.

Many sparrow sized birds with different stripes of colour chirped us along. We did not hear as many cuckoos calling us “cuckoo”. We saw a few hawks swooping low over field in search of breakfast, we did not see any kills. There were baby storks craning above their nests to receive their food from mom or dad.

Brown snails sporting a couple of cream coloured lateral stripes crept across our path. Less fortunate were the snails in the ditches. We saw one white haired gent stooped in the ditch filling his bucket with them. Later we saw an older couple collecting their dinner of snails into a plastic bag.

It started raining as soon as we left our hostal this morning. We stopped at a restaurant for breakfast but Jim and Mary warned us away saying it was not worth it. We past the second bar thinking it did not look promising but after walking a few hundred feet further, we returned as it was the last open one in town. We had our coffee with a sweet bun, donned ponchos or jacket and headed off into the rain and seventeen kilometres of straight walking until the next village. There we had our cafe con leche ( I, my chocolate) and caught up to Jim and Mary. The rain stopped by the end of the first hour. A little mist after that and wind in our face enough that we feel wind burnt.

We had briefly seen James and Danielle this morning. After spending an extra day in Burgos they had done two thirty kilometre days to catch up to us. We think they finished today a few kilometres back at Terradlllos.

Duct tape is saving my feet. Not sure what to do about the knife in my back. It sure feels good to be horizontal with my feet in the air.

The sun is shining. A happy baby greeted us at Hostal Moratinos. We are on the second floor of this two storey building, with a bright airy room, large balcony, a living room downstairs. A hot shower is calling my name. There is a chocolate on my fluffy towel. There is refreshing foot gel, shower gel and shampoo. Life is good!



  1. Bravo! Toute une étape! Vous semblez fatigués? Ca doit être motivant de savoir la moitié de la route derrière vous? Lâchez pas! Bises à vous 3

  2. Congratulations happy wanderers!! You are at half the rest of the journey is all downhill, right? We are so delighted to be taken along on your brave journey as we enjoy our comfy rockers. You are amazing and thanks for sharing your delightful observations of nature, ancient relics, and the human spirit with us. Happy trails! Susan and Bryan Richardson


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