Not So Far

No extra calories to worry about!

No extra calories to worry about!

imageNajera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada
22 km 5 hr 40 min
8:15 AM to 1:55 PM
Hostal de la Catedral

imageWe arrived here so early we had to buzz the Inn Keeper away from his lunch to let us in. Three single beds, red and white walls, air conditioning but we do not need it. Private bath. Shower only as all have been. We are starting to long for a big bathtub. A hot tub is way up there on our wish list. TV on the wall may have an 18 inch screen. Have only glimpsed at television news in bars here and there.

Short distance was most welcome after two long distance days.

Rolling farmland changed from grapevines in the first half to cereal fields in the second half. Nearly all country road in the open, very few trees, more cloud than sun, no wind, about 15C. We could see the long ribbon of road ahead and behind us. Long hills but not steep grades.

Snacked on a hilltop where a young unemployed Spaniard was trying to earn a living selling juice and snacks to hikers. This may have been his lucky day. We passed a group of about fifty high school students on our walk. They caught up to us at his rest stop. It looked as if they would completely buy up the young fellow’s provisions.

We had lunch in the very poor looking village of Ciruena which was just past the golf course community of Rioja Alta.: A not very appealing set of homogenous three storey brick buildings of condo units, many of which were for sale. The place needed some trees and flowers! There were a few golfers on the course. We did not stop to play. It was not Cobble Beach.

The Bar Jacobea was on the village square. Brian and I each had a good piece of breaded pork. I ate mine with local honey. Margaret had an egg Tortilla with potato. I asked if they had salad. The barkeeper frowned and grunted, ‘Si’. I guess she had to make it. In spite of this I requested one and got a huge salad with boiled egg, crab, tuna, white asparagus and tomato. We shared it.

We enjoyed the last place, Najera. It seemed like a good place to live. Santo Domingo has a lot of history to it. We will explore.

The signposts say we have 562 km to Santiago.


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