Seven Days, Farthest Distance

imageimageSeven Days…Farthest Distance
April 7, 2015
7:05 AM-2:05 PM
28.5 km in 7 hours
Los Arcos to Logrono

We were up early and had our hard-boiled egg, honey cake, toast and coffee and were leaving Los Arcos by the light of the moon at 7:05 AM. As the almost full moon descended in the west, a red sun rose in the east into a cloudless blue sky.

Although it was 5 C when we began, we soon shed extra clothing and wore t-shirt, sun hat and sunscreen most of the day. We did not notice wind today even though the dozens of windmills on distant hills were busy.

We continued with farmland but the red clay gradually gave way to sandier soil. We walked past rows of poplars and through pine woods but did not see any morels. Too dry? Too warm? 19 C a good part of today.

We have now completed seven days of walking, a first for each of us in many ways. Margaret has never walked long distances more than five days in a row. I have never done more than four and Brian not more than one. Brian was worried about his knees, but so far, so good. Brian does not do as many steps as we do. For every forty of mine, he does thirty-four.

Although our first hour was relatively flat, the next two were steep ups and downs. Some of the downs had serpentine paths so that we did not have to slide to the bottom. Less true for the ups, we had to go straight up. Those Hamilton steps were good practice for Margaret. Apparently Brian never needed practice. I could use better lungs. Margaret assures me my aerobic capacity will improve…maybe by the time we are headed home??

Logrono has a population of 150 000, a larger industrial surrounding area. We have showered and rested upside down. Will have a cup of tea and explore the old town.

We are at Check-In Rioja Albergue. We have a room for three but share the bath with one other room.

Ah, yes, we entered La Rioja region today, noted for its red wine. We will soon check that out.



    1. Margaret’s is 32 L. Mine is 45 L but packed, they weigh the same…about 7.5 kilos. Brian’s weighs a little more. His clothes and shoes are bigger. Smaller folks would have less than us.

  1. Love reading about ‘Your Camino’, it brings back such fond memories. Tomorrow take a moment to visit the Church in Navarette. Spend a euro to light the alter, you will not be disappointed. You will walk right past it on the Camino and the Church square is a great place for lunch. Buen Camino!

  2. You’re making great progress – already through Basque Country – and your photos of the countryside certainly call to mind some of the scenery from “The Way” – beautiful! Thanks for all the great posts – you’re saving me a bundle in travel expense! ;o)Take care, Jim xoxoxo

    Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2015 13:46:26 +0000 To:

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