Through Rolling Green Farmland




Monday, April 6, 2015
Arrived Los Arcos at 1:30PM!
5.25 hours 21.5 km

We arrived early in Los Arcos and got the last room with private bath at La Casa de la Abuela. This grandma is much younger than me…or looks it!

Yes, there is a church on that peak.

Yes, there is a church on that peak.

We sat in the church square in sunshine having a cerveza, ALL three of us ( beer, imagine that!), while waiting for a bed to be added to our room. We would not make Margaret sleep outside.

We climbed 370 metres of altitude today, all of this in the first seven km. Most of today was through a valley of pruned vineyards and olive groves followed by rolling green farmland of many, many hectares of peas, wheat or trefoil.

Soon after leaving our Oncineda Albergue, we came to a water filling station that also had a tap for red wine. Margaret added red wine to one of her water bottles to share with our picnic lunch. Brian had a swig from the tap just to try it. He found it to be a “little thin”. We had our duck rillette sandwiches under the only fir trees along our long path through fields.

Our valley was lined on both sides by mountains and typically the highest peaks had churches or ruins on top. We did not detour to any of them.

Although our walk was a little shorter today, the soles of our feet were burning. We were delighted to arrive. Naturally our room is at the very top of this house, three flights up, but a shower and rinsing out some clothes has made us human again.

I am going to join Margaret and Brian in the sunny square. I will see if the church is open to explore.


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  1. We are thinking of you constantly. Enjoying your news. Today we explored Edinburgh Castle walked down the Royal Mile and Jim and I went to the parliament and Val and Ian went to see the royal portraits.Weather has been fab.Off to the Falkirk Wheel and Glasgow tomorrow after we go to Arthur’s Seat
    Love Kate and Jim

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