Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Easter Sunday: A Day for Bridges

April 5, 2015
22.5 km in 6 hrs 45 minutes
To Estellaimage image image

No Easter egg hunt but we started the day with freshly squeezed orange juice, cafe con leche and a large chocolate filled croissant. Margaret settled for a plain one.

Lots of bridges today, mostly stone, all the ones we crossed were Roman or medieval. We went under modern ones, often in stone-walled tunnels. The modern ones have red steel railings. Those Romans sure knew how to build bridges and roads to last.

We also saw a long tall concrete aqueduct, originally built by the Moors, but reconstructed recently. Apparently the Moors were noted for their water systems and use of cement.

What surface is the Camino, you ask? All manner of materials: hard packed earth, sometimes muddy, though we have been lucky without rain, sometimes scattered with toe-stubbing rocks; loose cobble stones – tricky going downhill. We sure are glad we have trekking poles especially for the hills. Some are enduring Roman roads with a centre road of stones turned on edge. Some are tightly packed cobble roads, some cemented together. Some roads are concrete and some are paved. Here in Estella the main roads are concrete squares with black marble bordering the squares. The Camino varies from 30 centimetres to five metres in width.

At Villatuarte we crossed a medieval stone bridge then removed our shoes and socks and sat beside the river. The water froze our feet red and that felt great. Each dY at the half way point we take the time to wiggle our toes minus shoes and socks then don fresh merino socks. When we start again, we feel as if we have new feet.

After ridding ourselves of backpacks at yet another Albergue, this one a renovated monastery with single beds. (Yeah, no bunks…5 beds and all to ourselves so far) and having a shower and lying with our feet up against the wall, we descended to the centre of town and discovered an arts, crafts and produce market in the square. We bought three small cans of duck rillette, a baguette, and clementines for tomorrow and a bottle of red (Egiarte 2013) for now.

We thought we would have the pilgrim’s meal here at the albergue but since no one signed up for the meal, the chef went home. We have to go back down the hill for supper. As you know, what goes down must come up.

Not good wifi here, maybe at the restaurant. Nope, none.
Good meal. Brian had calamari stuffed with something good. Margaret and I had pork with red peppers and an enormous salad. Great flan for me! Margaret got cookies covered in chocolate, with leftovers for tomorrow. Margaret also bought us each a chocolate egg. What a good sister!

Dream time!



  1. 7:00pm sunday the kids and August have just left and we are going to bed!! Took Aug to Grays to see the MS & tractor, then to the Purple Valley MS Festival where he heard his first black powder gun shots etc. Then to Harpers to bottle feed newborn lambs. A wonderful Easter. Happy Easter to the Duracell threesome in Spain!

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