From Starlight to Sunshine

Roncesvalles to Larrasoana

8.25 hours for 28.5 km

Larrasoana April 2, 2015

We left Roncesvalles at 6:45AM under a full starry sky. Brian led us through the woods with his flashlight. We stopped for breakfast 2 km down the way at Burguete where we had tortillas with potato/ham/cheese, coffee and juice for 9.8 euros for the 3 of us, less than one third the cost of yesterday’s breakfast and more nutritious.

We crossed between frost-covered pastures where sheep slept and short heavy horses grazed, past a bathtub water trough covered in ice. We were disappointed that Juan’s Cafe in Viscarret was closed. We were looking forward to a cafe con leche. We stopped at a grocery store and bought clementines and bread then snacked sitting on the ground in sunshine at the top of the next hill.

We shed two of our three layers of clothing and rolled up our pants as the temperature rose to 14 Cimage

a blue sky day!

We saw hepatica, English daisies, cherry blossoms, European robins, very pregnant horses sporting cowbells.

We followed a hilly woodland path up to Alto de Erro where an enterprising couple were running a brusque business from a trailer at the roadside. Cyclists, motorists and pilgrims sat in the sunshine on a concrete slab admiring the. Jew and drinking beer or coffee, the latter served in cups with saucers and a muffin.

When we hobbled into Larrasoana, 8.25 hours after we started, the Pension Tau was full but the sweet hospitalero phoned then led us to the new Albergue San Nicolas which opened Saturday. Shortly after our arrival that hostel was full. Wonderful family run business. They served us a plentiful supper and breakfast.

A long hot shower makes all things right. Sitting on the porch in sunshine drinking wine is helpful too.


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