Plane, Trains and Automobiles

March 31, 2015


We have been up and moving for more than 26 hours walking at airports, in the train station, sitting in cars, trains and planes the rest of the time. If you include the time difference we are looking at more than 28 hours.

We just finished a late night dinner at Lukkup restaurant at St. Jean Pied de Port. Three of us had axoa of pork, a local specialty of ground pork in a tomato sauce with peppers and onions. Margaret had a fluffy cod omelette. All of us staggered away from the table sated.

We had plenty of time to catch the 10:16 AM train. We even tried to exchange our tickets for the 8:19 AM train thaT was 20 minutes late but the ticket collector firmly said, “non!”

We dozed more on the four hour train trip to Bordeaux than on the seven hour flight. The train was much quieter and the gentle movement soothing.

Eliane was waiting for us in Bordeaux. It took us a few minutes to find one another, but then we hurried through the drizzle to Eliane’s car and were soon on the autoroute.

Brian, Margaret and I nodded off several times. Three hours later we were in St. Jean Pied de Port. In the last half hour before our arrival we were admiring some significantly steep hills and thinking of our impending walk. Challenging comes to mind.

St. Jean is an amazing medieval walled town with four arched gateways, beautiful old stone buildings lovingly maintained, with tall doors, many bearing knockers in the shape of a hand.

We are happy with our room at Villa Esponda on the main street. With high ceilings, wood plank floors, wooden shutters, a double bed and bunk beds, private bath and kitchen counter with fridge, it is a sweet deal at 71 euros.

Brian just duelled with a Rogers rep and succeeded in getting our Cuba phone plan switched to Europe. We never asked for Cuba!!

Time for sweet dreams!



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