And so we begin

We are relaxing at Pearson before our flight, due to board in thirty minutes: Brian with Wellington Lager, Margaret with red wine and I am sagely sipping water. We already wolfed down a pizza. Brian is distributing sedatives for later.

Discoveries today….I don’t have my earphones with me even though I know they were something I set out when I first started my packing routine. Brian left his iPad in the car when Jim dropped us off. My dear brother offered to drive back to deliver it, but as we had advanced almost to the head of the security line, Brian decided he would not go into withdrawal without his iPad. We are truly going to rough it on the Camino. Only a cell phone to share! No word chum games to play!

Although Margaret has flaunted her “o so small bag”, she almost had to check it since it was too thick to fit in the container measurer. She had to remove items to make her bag measure small enough. My bag, ” big as it is”, fit! Brian checked his as he had his Swiss Army knife, our three sets of poles, maple butter for Eliane and a too large tubes of sunscreen. Yes, we are hopeful!




  1. Have a great flight. I will contact Eliane when I have a better idea hen we will be where when.
    Big hugs to all
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