Less Than A Week To Go!

March 24, 2015

We had a very fruitful treasure hunt today. We found 38 golf balls in the rough along the 18th fairway, some of them peeking out from the snow. The crusty surface made a great cleanser for dirty golf balls and our backpacks provided adequate pockets in which to carry them. Fortunately most of the balls were Titleists or Taylormades; so, Brian deemed them worth carrying. Naturally I filled his pockets first!

Brian just delivered my cappuccino to me. He’s getting more and more creative each day with his swirly toppings.

I am planning on leaving my iPad behind. I am ambivalent about that: a freeing experience and one of loss. My iPad is twice as heavy as Brian’s, because it is an older model and has a heavier case. Brian will be taking his iPad and I will use it to blog about our journey. Brian may regret having to share his iPad but I am sure a cerveza will cheer him up. I will not have any books to read but will still have audible books on our iPhone. I will practice reading Spanish. Brian purchased a package from Rogers so that we will be able to send and receive texts and have enough phone time to call ahead to reserve our next night’s lodging. Hopefully my Spanish will be up to this challenge and we will end up with comfy beds for the three of us and a private bath. We will stay in some of the hostels but are planning on supporting the local economy by staying in pensions (B and Bs) or small hotels. A motivating factor in doing so is a good night’s sleep!

I am  still undecided on one of the layers I want to take with me. I don’t want to carry more than I need but I do want to be warm enough. Brian has been checking the weather in northern Spain daily and everything looks as if we should be getting up into the 15 to 20 C range with lows of about 8C. That sounds tropical compared to the winter we have had. Maybe I only need shorts and a tank top! I can feel Margaret shaking her head even though she is a four hour drive away!

Margaret and company climbed the 1500 Hamilton stairs six times yesterday. Her walking friends feted this final training day with champagne. Had I known, I am sure I could have driven down to Hamilton on Mondays to join them! Maybe not! We will be able to take turns having Margaret carry our backpacks as well as her own because she will need an extra challenge on the Camino just to match her training schedule.

We hiked to Indian Falls on Sunday. We crunched across the frozen snow surface avoiding deep footprints where others had walked on warmer days. A field of dried corn glistened in the sun. The deer did not appear to have ventured far into this field. Only the cobs from the edge of the field had disappeared.

Indian Falls from the brink

Indian Falls from the brink

Indian Falls

Indian Falls

Brian pretending to be a deer

Brian pretending to be a deer

Happy collector!

Happy collector!

Indian River was flowing furiously, but there were still mountains of ice around the base of the falls. The parking lot to the falls had been blocked by the conservation authority for a few days as conditions were softer and there was concern that people would be falling into the icy river.



  1. Have a great holiday. Our friends here are moving to south part of Spain to live. I was showing her where you were going. All well here. See you in Spring.Bab and Bill.

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