Mapa del Camino de Santiago

Some of you have asked which way we are going. Here is a map of the Camino Frances. We will be headed west across the north of Spain. The map does not show St. Jean Pied de Port which is where we will begin walking. St. Jean is in France, across the Pyrenees, 26 kilometres north of Roncesvalles. This will give you an idea of distances between towns and villages we will pass through. Some are very small places! Roncesvalles, which should be our first night after St. Jean only has a population of 25, many more as pilgrims/hikes go through. There is a monastery there that is used as a albergue or hostel.


Two weeks from now we will be on a plane headed over the Atlantic!

In this past week, I worked at school as a supply principal for a day and a half, then officially retired from the College of Ontario Teachers; therefore, my supplying days are over! We helped a friend tapping trees in his maple bush to begin this season’s sap run. We skied and walked carrying our newly loaded backpacks. They now contain what we plan on taking with us. We golfed on the simulator, but did not wear our backpacks to do so; only to walk down to the clubhouse.

Spring is beginning to appear in Grey County. Although the ice still covers Georgian Bay, it is beginning to look slushy in many places. The hills on the golf course are showing more green even though we were still able to ski around them. We saw our first robin singing its heart out in front of the Inn as it munched on Chanticleer Pear fruit still hanging in the trees after a very cold winter. We heard the first killdeer of spring as we walked. And as we walked we did not always need hat nor gloves. In fact as we skied, we shed clothing until we only had one long sleeved shirt on, with sleeves pushed up. Spring is coming!


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  1. Hi Rona Lynn, I forgot to tell you Jane met someone who had just done your hike and had all his equipment stollen even his shoes in the hostel. I told her nobody would want yours and Brian’s as they would be too big!!! I know when we youth hostelled we put our belongings in the bottom Of our sleeping sheets at night. I bet you can’t wait to start. We are off to hike. Love Kate Sent from my iPad


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