A Warmer Sunday

Our birthday celebrations continued starting with Roma going to mass with us at Our Lady of The Scapular this morning. It has been very difficult for Roma to go to church since she broke her hip last June; so, this was a big deal.

Roma was happy to receive a number of phone calls. She also received two bouquets of flowers and two miniature orchids; now, the house is fragrant with flowers and colour. I made her a photobook, “Celebrating 90 Years of Roma”. The next time you are in the neighbourhood, stop in for a visit. Roma will be happy to show you her photobook.

Brian and I went for a walk along River Road, from the lower bridge to the falls and back. There sure are a lot of sidewalks covered in snow. With today’s milder temperature, -3C, that made for lumpy, bumpy, slushy sidewalks, and challenging walking. The American Falls have so many ridges of ice that there are smaller falls springing out of the main falls, cascading over, around and through the bluish green ice mounds. Thousands were walking between the American and Canadian falls photographing and making videos using every imaginable device, mostly digital, Go-Pros on sticks, IPads, IPhones, cameras of every size. Brian and I did not take any selfies, there were plenty of those happening. Brian remarked that there will be a generation with no photos, as all these digital photos will be lost in cyberspace rather than in photo albums or piled in drawers and chests.

We met Margaret and her walking crew by the brink of the Horseshoe Falls. They had walked in the opposite direction starting from Dufferin Islands.

We finished our day and our celebrations with a lamb dinner at Margaret and John’s. Margaret prepared appetizers: cream cheese stuffed mushrooms and nachos. Brian and I prepared the main course: leg of lamb, carrots, corn and mashed potatoes. Patrick brought Greek salad and Rosemary made her awesome carrot cake. Now we need to walk more!

In other parts of the world we are assured that spring is arriving. Near Shipston-on-Stour, Ian is golfing in the rain, possibly stumbling over new lambs. In Bournesmouth, Mike and Jill are collecting frog spawn and are going to name tadpoles after us. Next we will hear they have engaged a silversmith to make crowns for our froggy heads. In the UK and in France camellias and all manner of bulbs are blooming. The latest weather report from northern Spain shows +15C! Four weeks from today we fly to Paris….whether spring is in Ontario or not!



  1. It was a lovely birthday weekend. Always a treat spending time with you.

    Did 11 sets of stairs today. It was Karen Green’s first time. She didn’t seem to have too much of a problem keeping up. She is 20 years younger. We are anxious to hear how she fares tomorrow.

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