Celebrating Birthdays

We are in Niagara Falls this weekend celebrating Brian’s mother’s birthday. Roma is ninety on Sunday, March 1st. Her actual birth was also on a Sunday, born “full of grace” on her mother’s birthday. Meme Yvonne also enjoyed ninety birthday celebrations. Fine genes! Rona was born on the same day as the Charlevoix-Kamouraska earthquake, the tremblings of which were felt on the flats of Atholville, New Brunswick, in the family home where Roma was born.

Roma...90 years young

Roma…90 years young

Happy Birthday, Margaret!

Happy Birthday, Margaret!

Rosemary, Margaret, Rona Lynn, Patrick

Rosemary, Margaret, Rona Lynn, Patrick

We had lunch at Ravine Vineyards in St. David’s, where it was Winter-licious time. Three course menus were presented. Brian and I enjoyed the beet and goat cheese salad while John and Roma savoured the beef rib and vegetable soup. I went for the lighter trout on quinoa while the other three ordered the huge burger, with bacon and cheese, and a plate full of fries. Roma ate more of her plateful than John did. All of us asked to have our desserts boxed to go….two brownies and two almandine tarts with pear. Thanks, Rachel, for your good suggestion to dine at Ravine. We followed lunch with wine tastings in their tasting room next door.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting

Instead of eating our desserts from lunch, we went to Rosemary and Frank’s to celebrate Margaret’s birthday with cake at Rosemary’s. February 28th is Margaret’s birthday. Margaret was born on Dad’s birthday, that is, on his February 28th  birthday. He was actually born at midnight of February 29th, but it was more fun to celebrate his birthday every year rather than every four years.

Rosemary thought her delicious coffee cake was not elegant enough; so, she also made a platter of chocolate dipped strawberries, brought out Nanaimo bars and purchased a tray of cream-filled pastries. Thank you, Rosemary for decadent dessert!



  1. I am glad that you enjoy the Ravine Vinyard restaurant. It seems that you had a delightful weekend of Birthday Celebration. It is nice to be able to do it with the loved one.

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