On Georgian Bay

While it has certainly been a very cold winter, there is no denying the beauty of winter. As I look out at frozen Georgian Bay with the sun highlighting great shards of ice jutting from clear glass and snow-covered stillness, I smile in awe. Right now the wind is only barely moving the tree branches, the sky is mostly blue with drifts of white clouds. After a two day hiatus from skiing, we enjoyed our 7.9 kilometre ski around Cobble Beach, sporting our new backpacks loaded with ten pounds of filler.

At Cobble Beach in winter

At Cobble Beach in winter

The wind the past two days was more than we could stand on our faces, the only part of us still exposed. I guess we need full face masks. We went snowshoeing yesterday on Georgian Bay, figuring that the wind would bother us less at a slower pace. Where the ice was swept clear we could see right to the bottom to the rocks. The ice appeared to be a foot thick. It was amazing to see the bubbles frozen in the ice. I had recently seen photos of this phenomenon, but did not recall having seen this before. Our ski poles skittered along beside us, not finding purchase, but the spikes of our snowshoes gave us sufficient grip. We really should try skating. I think we could shovel a meandering trail on the bay, along the shore. No one has put ice huts on the bay in front of Cobble Beach although a village of ice huts adorn the bay closer to Owen Sound. We have not heard how successful fishing has been.

Mother Nature, the artist

Mother Nature, the artist

Inside, we have had another golf lesson on the simulator and have played a few holes here and there in the golfing world. A delightfully warm thing to do. We chose courses where the weather was sunny, the sky blue,  and there was no wind. We still hit the ball into sand. I even lost a ball in the ocean off the coast of Scotland. Believe me that cost me strokes!

Ah, come on, Brian, I think it is only 5 km across. Surely there won't be open water?

Ah, come on, Brian, I think it is only 5 km across. Surely there won’t be open water?

We have secured our flight from Santiago de Compostela to Barcelona. We even looked into extending our trip by a week, but for the cost of doing so, we could afford to do a return trip on another occasion.

We are still deciding on how to get from Paris to St. Jean Pied de Port on March 31st. Much hinges on the time it takes to deplane in Paris and get through Customs and Immigration. The question becomes whether or not we can make an early connecting flight or train leaving Charles de Gaulle. Eliane phoned this morning with an offer to meet us in Bordeaux and drive us from there to St Jean. That sounds like a delightful alternative to a number of trains and bus transfers. We are now looking into connections to Bordeaux. Such fun making plans!

Last night I weighed the items I intend to pack and am now discarding items from that list. How frugal we become when measuring in ounces and imagining each ounce on our back.

This is my swimming hole in summer.

This is my swimming hole in summer. There will be summer this year??


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