Still in Connecticut

Bye, Mom/Grandma! Have a good trip!

Bye, Mom/Grandma! Have a good trip!

Make your own track, the beech leaves have taken over.

Make your own track, the beech leaves have taken over.

Today was supposed to be departure day. We said our good-byes to each as he/she left for school and work. Alex hoped that UPS would not deliver Grandpa’s backpack until the afternoon; so, we would still be here when he got home. Alex got his wish. Brian had ordered a backpack from Sierra Trading on Saturday and had even paid extra for quicker delivery. Alas his VISA card encountered some fraudulent activity; so, his purchase was held up, then the route for delivery went through Kentucky where a snowstorm delayed it. The end result was the red 40 litre +10 Deuter Backpack did not arrive until noon today, by which time we had decided we would go for a ski and head for Niagara tomorrow. Brian is delighted with his backpack. Margaret and I will not lose him on the Camino. I am wondering why we did not order two of them, other than that I had wanted to try a Slim Line version and a slightly smaller pack. We have bought houses with less deliberation than purchasing a backpack!

Brian and I painted the upstairs hallway then had a coffee and watched the birds at the feeder while waiting for the backpack arrival. So the hall is the beneficiary of fresh paint and we were rewarded with viewing, bluebirds, tufted titmice, bluejays, doves, juncos, a robin and nuthatches.

A robin...wondering where spring is

A robin…wondering where spring is

Then we went crosscountry skiing in Timberlands forest nearby. Shawn was the only skier who had “groomed” a previously non-existent trail by skiing up, down and around. For the most part we followed his tracks although for some downhills we opted to create our own, to slow us down and avoided colliding with a tree. Snowplowing through deep snow was not an option. Likewise for uphill we had to resort to rigorous herringbones rather than running straight up as Shawn had done. The end result was that we had a great time in early afternoon sunshine and we were drenched in sweat; thus, we had sufficient exercise.

We picked up a selection of sausages for supper and buns and meat for sandwiches for tomorrow’s drive as well as corn chips to make more nachos for this evening’s appetizer.

Alex arrived home first on the bus, delighted to see us. He went straight to his room to do his homework then practised the cello for twenty minutes, entertaining us and his great grandparents on Skype. Alex has a well honed routine. Julie arrived by bus an hour later, with hugs and a request for yoghurt.  The three of us went sledding again, because Grandma had not yet had enough exercise today! Certainly -5C and sunshine with no wind is delightful.

It was great to have an extra day here!



  1. Salut vous deux J’ai suivi vos aventures au Connecticut avec beaucoup d’intérêt. Tu as raison choisir un sac à dos prend plus de temps et de deliberation qu’acheter une maison. Ma théorie est que la maison tu vis dedans et tu la transformes à ton goût alors que le sac à dos tu le portes avec son contenu et tu ne peux pas le transformer! Pour plusieurs jours de marche il doit vraiment être léger et imperméable et avec de bonnes possibilités d’ajustements en longueur pour le dos et les épaules puis il faut aussi considérer le côté pratique pour le rangement de ce que l’on transporte. Êtes – vous de retour à Owen Sound? Avec toute la neige que nous avons reçu et recevons encore c’est bon pour la raquette alors on en profite. Bonne journée Bises Rachel

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