Every Day Is Special

I am nodding off this evening at a very early hour. Shawn is preparing the kids for bed. Everyone has to rise earlier for school in the morning. I am feeling quite weary. Is it the cumulative effect of playing outdoors in winter sunshine for at least two hours a day for the past four days? It has certainly been enjoyable, but I am feeling fatigued.

Sledding together

Sledding together

Downy woodpecker

Downy woodpecker

As well as sledding and the fox chasing geese, we used our feet to trace out art in the snow. We are no doubt a long way from becoming famous snow artists, but we had fun. Julie and I created a house and Alex made a giant smiley face with the words, “I am watching you” hovering above it. For some very fancy snow art made by a person snowshoeing in Savoie, France, check out, http://www.mymodernmet.com

I was not overly pleased with our heart cookies. They were quite hard, tasty and almost all gone, but hard. It was a new recipe; so, today I used my tried and true chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe. Soft and chewy, the way I like them. Of course they were not heart shaped and had no sprinkles, thus not perfect!

Brian and Alex made a ring from a quarter with a new tool set Brian bought online for his father. They were testing it. They did not succeed in getting the exact ring size or in having the year of the quarter show on the outside, but for a first attempt they did quite well and now they know how to tackle a second one. If you have spare quarters kicking around, I know someone who is looking for quarters to turn into rings.

I painted the edges in the upstairs hall so that Agnes will be able to continue more easily with a roller. Room by room colours are changing in this house!

While Julie was engrossed in Minecraft, Alex, Brian and I played the board game, Settlers of Catan. It takes some time to set it up and we had to remember how to play. It has been a long time since last we played.

Everyone savoured Brian’s bread and chowder that was filled with clams, cod and lobster. Shawn brought home Poire, a pear cider from France, also delicious. I think I am starting to like cider more than wine, and pear cider more than apple cider.

Although there are many things we do the same in a day, each day is special. The time we spend together is made of small moments and kind words that we treasure. One of our joys today was watching a flock of bluebirds come to the suet ball and sit on the line awaitingtheir turn. I have seen bluebirds before but never so close and never so many. I told Julie that her great grandma, my mother, did not see her first bluebird until she was about eighty-five and we drove slowly around the concession roads close to where we live so that she could see one. Today we saw not one, but two flocks of bluebirds.





  1. Great pics of bluebirds. Chinese New Year will be Friday hope you are back by then. I am tired out just listening to what you are doing with the kids. 22 people are coming for the year of the goat. See you soon

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