Presidents’ Day or Family Day

Since we are in the United States, it is Presidents’ Day, a federal holiday; so, those who work for the government have a holiday, and schools are closed, which means Julie and Alex have the day off and tomorrow too. In the past this week has often been a school break, but because of a proliferation of snow days in recent years, this year the schools are only closed for two days. The rationale is that these could be snow days; so, cancel the holidays now and open the schools rather than cancelling summer holidays in June.

In Ontario it is Family Day and everything is closed. It is a non-working day. Cobble Beach as well as other places had family events planned, many of them outdoors. We don’t know what kind of turn-out there was for outdoor events since at home the temperature was -30C and more than -40C with the wind chill. The right clothing is key! Brian has often done demonstration wood-carving at this event. This year he started a carving of a bear and one of a spirit. He told staff they could tell people the carver was taking a break or had gone for lunch. You can see Brian’s carvings on Cobble Beach’s Facebook page.

We had -12C, no wind and sunshine here in Connecticut; so, Alex and Julie and I had our regular snow adventures plus a second outing late this afternoon. It was definitely more beautiful in the morning sunshine. On the second occasion at 5 PM, Alex said, “Let’s go sledding!” Julie responded, ” I am only going out if Grandma goes out.” We went sledding…again! This morning we added to our snow fun by tunnelling in the banks. Alex improved on a previous tunnel he had made. Julie and I made a Julie-sized tunnel. I certainly did not fit in it, but Julie was able to have an entrance, exit and skylight. Julie added a green and red button to open the invisible door.

Shawn and Agnes went to work today. Brian gave a second coat of paint to the hallway and kitchen. The more difficult task which we tackled was removing the tape used to protect the woodwork. Unfortunately much of it was well baked on. After Alex tried for awhile, he said it was boring. He was right! He played Minecraft with Julie. I am sure if I had googled the topic, someone has found an easier way to remove old tape.

i prepared roast chicken with stuffing, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and salad for supper. Brian made baked beans. I made butterscotch pudding for dessert. After two spoonfuls of pudding, Alex said he really did not like butterscotch pudding. I then remembered him telling me in the summertime that he did not like butterscotch pie. I think there is something about the texture of pudding that does not appeal to him. There are not many foods that Alex does not like. He has a healthy appetite.

Every Monday morning I receive an email from Terry Hershey as I subscribe to his weekly Sabbath Moments. I always enjoy his writing. At this time of year, news from the Pacific Northwest usually finds Terry savouring the early signs of spring in his garden. This week he was cutting his grass, in shirt sleeves. We are a far cry from those special days. Nevertheless we have spotted robins in this neighbourhood the past couple of days. The robins must be wondering why they headed north so soon. There sure are not any worms available when yards are buried in three feet of snow.


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