The blizzard forecast for today in Connecticut did not really materialize, or at least not as I imagined it. We did have high winds as witnessed by the oaks swaying and groaning and about four inches of snow freshened the already white landscape. Blizzard to me means whiteouts but in the forested hills it is not the same as our flatter more open landscape at Cobble Beach.

Lots of space for trail blazing and hiding.

Lots of space for trail blazing and hiding.

This morning Julie and I made bran muffins with the very necessary chocolate chips. Everything is better with chocolate. Alex read Grandpa the instructions for installing the drain for the bathroom sink. Only one trip to the hardware store was necessary and everything works, no leaks. Agnes and Shawn went skiing. They don’t often get out together, just the two of them, and certainly not for skiing.

Monkey supervises muffin making.

Monkey supervises muffin making.

This afternoon Alex, Julie and I conquered the slopes again with sleds. I also got to slide down as well as carry a sled uphill. Today I opted for trudging uphill in the snow. I wanted to match Margaret’s exertion climbing 1500 steps in Hamilton. I am sure I did. And if that did not do it, more chasing of geese certainly did. We expanded our fox and geese paths to give the fox even more of a workout. My thighs feel today’s fun.

The fort is feeling fine.

The fort is feeling fine.

Agnes made an excellent sausage vegetable soup for lunch. Brian, Shawn and I prepared tonight’s feast. Everyone enjoyed a filling lasagna and salad. A scoop of coconut gelato and one of black cherry gelato was a very satisfying dessert.

I taught Julie how to play Hand and Foot. She beat me. Brian and I showed Alex and Shawn how to play. Alex and I won the first hand by thousands, but we have not got back to finish the game. Julie and Alex are engaged in Minecraft. A lot of chatter bounces back and forth as they play.

Before bed I take a few minutes to read a little of Tim Moore’s Spanish Steps, Travels with My Donkey. I am not planning on leading a donkey along the Camino, but you never know what Brian might do. I will encourage him to read the book. That should dissuade him of any such notion.


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