Valentine’s Day in Connecticut

Happy Valentine’s Day! Always a pleasure to spend time with people I love!

Cello practice

Cello practice

I think perhaps that 2 hours of playing with a ten and five year old in the snow might be more exhausting than four hours of crosscountry skiing. Although I started this day slowly with half an hour of Yoga Studio, the rest of the day has been busy!

Shawn made waffles while Brian fried Vermont bacon and we ate them with Kemble Mountain maple syrup. A nutritious delicious start to our day.

Julie protested that she hated winter and it took some convincing to get her dressed and outside. She preferred raising frogs on the iPad. Mostly she wants summer to arrive with days spent at the beach. I must admit I love those days too. Nevertheless, Julie donned her snow gear. Alex was already sledding. Shawn gave me some snow pants to keep me dry and warm. Minus nine Celsius was positively balmy compared to yesterday. The front yard is a great sledding hill with only a couple of trees to avoid. I did not slide down but walked down in foot deep snow and pulled sleds back up. After a few of these uphill killers, I opted for carrying the sleds up along the roadside. I know, not as much exercise! Mea culpa!

We took time out to make snow angels then went to see what we could do in the backyard. The snow was not good for packing; so, I shovelled out a fort and told Alex they would be able to build the walls higher when they had packing snow (“sticking snow” according to Julie). I pushed Julie on the glider while Alex pumped himself on a swing, sort of, since the snow was at the level of the swing seat.

Snow angels

Snow angels

Julie asked what we could do next. I suggested playing Fox and Goose. They did not know what this was; so, I showed them how to make a trail, again lots of stomping around in foot-deep snow. Although I talked Alex into being the fox, he soon caught me. My big boots were good for making me fall over in the narrow track. I got to be the fox, more than the goose. That was not such a great game for me to teach them! At least not for me. Julie thought it was fabulous and oh, wonder of wonders, the girl who hates winter wanted to stay outside when Alex and I wanted to go in. Naturally she wanted the fox to stay out too, but no, she did not want to be the fox. The fox convinced the little goose to come inside for hot chocolate and lunch.

While we were enjoying the fresh air, Brian and Shawn went shopping for oatmeal as well as paint and hardware for a bathroom reno. Agnes bought a sink and countertop and completed some work at the lab. In the course of the day, the bathroom received two fresh coats of paint and Brian installed the cherry vanity he made at home, the counter, sink and taps. Shawn took advantage of everyone’s busyness to ski 6.8 miles, the first crosscountry skiing he has done in a long time.

Cookie decorators

Cookie decorators

Alex, Julie and I made our heart-shaped oatmeal chocolate chip cookies decorated with lots of colourful sprinkles. We are now waiting for ribs and spaghetti squash to finish cooking. Wild rice and salad are ready, the table is set. Nachos have already been devoured. What board game will we play tonight? Or maybe Hand and Foot. We have a new deck AND a card shuffler!


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