Vermont In February

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Here we are, cozy by the fire in The Blue Gentian Lodge east of Londonderry in south Vermont.  We are stuffed from having dined at The Grill, a restaurant in a small plaza just down the road in Londonderry. I had a plate full of scallops with mushrooms and red peppers on rice. Brian and I shared a bowl of thick New England chowder then Brian had fish and chips with a local brew, Switchback.

We drove three hundred and seventy miles to here from Niagara in seven hours today with rest, coffee and food stops along the Niagara State Thruway. We were watched by hawks, silent sentinels in the bare treetops along the thruway. Once in Vermont we stopped near Troy at a beer store we had discovered two years ago. This store is packed floor to ceiling with hundreds of varieties of ale, lager and ciders. The very genial staff pointed out lots of different possibilities and told us we could make up our own six pack; so, we did. It appears that craft breweries in Vermont are doing well. There are more than thirty of them, AND pay attention, Government of Ontario, they are all available in grocery stores! Brian is enjoying Bear Naked Ale as I write. I have no room for my Cherry Razz Ale nor my Grapefruit Ale tonight.

It was a sunny day for travelling on dry roads with white fields and forests which became much hillier as we approached Vermont. Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage accompanied us in Audiobook format en route. We are preparing for our Camino!

This lodge was opened in the sixties when Magic Mountain, the downhill ski resort next door, opened. The current owners have been here twenty years. Based on the couples we have met in the lounge, the lodge has many repeat guests who have been coming here for several years. It’s cozy and clean, with quilts and local art on the walls, not fancy, but comfortable. We are looking forward to French toast for breakfast before going cross country skiing at the Viking Centre three miles from here.



  1. Sandy and Crystal just left. They did an overnighter in Goderich. The trails were good. We s till have their dogs for Feb. Murray has his sling off and promptly burnt his finger on the wood stove!

    Murray and Cory McQuigge 339757 Kemble Bypass Rd. Kemble, ON, N0H 1 S0 519-372 -2336 E-mail: Sent from my iPad


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