From Sun to Snow

Cobble Beach

January 19, 2015

Saturday night we savoured Caribbean Seafood Chowder, marlin on a bed of puréed pumpkin with white beans and finished with a molten lava cake.  We took our PIC coil with us to the outdoor lounge where an Antiguan was playing the keyboard and singing old romantic songs, many of which I did not recognize. We trained our British friends well as they joined us with their PIC coil. Every little PIC helps! Once again we were among the last to head off to bed. Even the musician packed up before us. It must be the British influence keeping us up so late!

View while sipping piña colada

View while sipping piña colada

Sunday morning was our last “hourrah” on the beach. We walked back and forth studying shells and collecting coloured polished shards of glass to give to another guest who is going put her glass collection on her kitchen window sill as a reminder of her warm vacation. We snorkelled for an hour and fit in an extra swim before packing our bags and having our last piña colada before lunch. Yes, we were able to have a good lunch before taking a taxi van to the airport. We did not have to worry about being hungry on our non-food flight.

We arrived at the airport two hours ahead of schedule and spent the first hour moving through the line for emigration and customs check. I heard an official with a walkie talkie saying, “Well, if everything is ready, let’s load them up.” And they did! We left Antigua an hour early.

Four and a half hours later we were landing in rainy dark Toronto. I was surprised there was no snow! In spite of the mild temperature of -2C, I felt cold after two weeks of 25C+. Happily brother JIm was quick to pick us up with my down jacket in hand.

Lynn had a delicious meal waiting for us: fish amandine, carrots, broccoli and rice. We could not decide between Stephanie’s two birthday cakes; so, we had both: Black Forest cake and rum cake.

Brilynn returned our car to us and greeted us with big hugs. Always a pleasure! Brilynn is keeping Kishu in Toronto. Our house is very quiet without Kishu, but she seems to be quietly content at Brilynn’s.

Home gain

Home again

Toronto received a skiff of snow overnight and the temperature dropped and continued to do so as we headed north for home. Nevertheless the sun was shining, but the snow had not accumulated much until after Orangeville. At home we have two feet of snow. There must have been a thaw followed by new snow as we were skiing on a crusty slippery layer after unpacking at Cobble Beach.

Skiing before sunset

Skiing before sunset

It’s -11C now and even though I am wearing three layers, two of them, wool, and I had Brian’s warming spaghetti with lamb meatballs, I am cold.



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