Octopus’s Garden

Frolicking with fish

Frolicking with fish


January 17, 2015

We headed into the sea early to benefit from the sun along the south cliff. We did not see an octopus but his coral garden was stunning, so many different kinds and colours. No photo does it justice. Purple feather fans and yellow ones with tiny white “flowers” waving from the tips of the fan. Stubby green fingers; long elegant green, yellow or purple fingers. Large brain coral a metre wide. Beige, white, yellow or blue coral intermingled in masses much¬†like the spreading patches of thyme in my garden. Black Sea urchins, some showing bright red centres peaked out from under rock ledges. One eighteen inch long fish, eight inches deep had a jagged fin the length of his back and blended in so well that I wasn’t sure I was looking at a fish until he darted away under me.

We were in the water and were loath to leave but our bodies were chilling even though we had swimming T-shirts on. A hot shower felt good. It is still 25C. This morning felt muggy as there was little breeze but the wind just picked up and it is raining. The rain will probably end within half an hour but if not, we will just have to swim anyway!

People tell us we should go on a tour of the island, but as we are only here a few days we are taking advantage of sea and beach walking before returning to skiing.

Coral garden

Coral garden

Hold onto that hat!

Hold onto that hat!

Our palapa awaits

Our palapa awaits

Lizard or gecko?

Lizard outside our room



  1. Really love all your photos of creatures, birds, lizards, etc. also the water photos .
    Have enjoyed your travels with you.

  2. There a lot of people who have enjoyed your trip with you. Jim’s daughter in law Sandra, who is a teacher thinks you sHould write a book. We have snow here on the mountains. We went for a walk yesterday and had a great view of the mountains,the village and the sea. Love Kate

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