Coconut Beach Resort
January 14, 2015

It rained harder and more frequently last night than any other night on Montserrat. Perhaps we were being told to go away! Antigua appeared drier but we have already had a shower here. I guess it is that time of year. In both places, rainbows smile on us.

Thank you! See you Sunday!

Thank you! See you Sunday!

Susan prepared crepes for breakfast, perfect with brown sugar and lime juice. I had one last swim in the pool after yoga and a short walk, admiring flowers, trees and houses.

On our way to the airport, Bryan stopped at Runaway Ghaut so we could have a drink of spring water. According to local lore, if you drink from this spring you will be sure to return to Montserrat.

Three couples were signing in at the airport for departure to Antigua. It took each couple about fifteen minutes to check bags and pay departure taxes, a slow process but there was no place to rush to, no long corridors to walk to the waiting room beside the runway. Good-natured Captain Abe greeted us once again for our twenty minute flight. He said he was trying out a new plane. He had a pink stuffed flying pig for a copilot to ensure our safety. I felt as if I was getting a foot massage as the plane vibrated down the runway for takeoff.

There is a pretty good system in place at the Antigua airport for taxis. No one comes rushing to beg you to take his taxi. You go to the taxi dispatcher who tells you what your fee will be and calls the next taxi driver whose turn it is to take us to our destination.

The twenty minute taxi ride took us through the industrial side of St. John’s, downtown past the market then the docks where three huge cruise ships were moored then along the seashore to Coconut Beach Resort. We were warmly greeted by the young woman on reception with the words, “You are on time for lunch.” Delightful. This is a thirty-eight room resort with rooms on three levels, on a white sand beach that is five hundred metres long with no other resorts on the beach. We are on the ground floor less than forty metres from the sea. The buffet table was short but with very good food…fish, chicken and vegetarian lasagna. The dining room is open air. Little birds were flying in and out.

We have seen half a dozen birds since our arrival, most of them landing near or on the deck at our feet: purple necked brown doves, small finches and sparrow like birds.

Rainbow at Coconut Bay

Rainbow at Coconut Bay

I reclined in the oversized hammock with my book before walking the length off the beach and back, in and out of the water. The waves are milder here. We had a lovely swim in the 82 F green Caribbean. We will try snorkelling at both ends of the beach where the cliffs rise up and there are some rocks and coral in the water.

Brian's siesta

Brian’s siesta

Sadly we are back in civilization where people smoke. It only takes one smoker to bother me. I have to choose my outdoor seating carefully. In the bar area it was not possible to avoid the smoker. We brought our piña coladas back to our deck.

Our room is smaller than the Lions Den at the Taj and there is no clothes line to suspend our wet suits. There is a pool about the same size as at the Taj. So far I have seen no one in it. I am sure that when I do go, in it will overflow as it is filled to the brim. Of course the sea is so lovely, I may just stick with salt water swimming.

Celebrity Cruise Ship Summit is floating past our bedroom. That is one huge ship! Nine storeys of cabins! At least it is gliding by quietly.



  1. I am again in awe and as before green with envy of your trip. How adventurous and fit you are. Lovely people who are attracted to you ,I am sure. Thank you for letting me be the armchair tourist with you. Kit

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