Last night in Montserrat :(

Montserrat, January 13, 2015

A leisurely morning following scrambled eggs for breakfast thanks to Susan. Al and Barb were preparing to leave, getting in the last swim in the pool, time in shorts before returning to snowy Canada. Brian and I have a little reprieve as we go to Antigua tomorrow for four days. Last night the dolls beat the guys to be the 2015 Pepper Champions. Bryan may have preferred to watch football, but seriously, how can ducks play football? Obviously last night, they could not. Ohio had a big win.

Flambeed bananas and peaches

Flambeed bananas and peaches

Beautiful home and garden

Beautiful home and garden

Susan flambeed bananas and peaches to finish off last night’s tasty meal of steak, ham and veg fried rice, sautéed brussel sprouts and salad. We certainly eat well. Everyone is wondering what we will do without such great team prep for meals.

After our daily siesta, a most important part of the day, we walked down to the beach and charged the waves. We keep thinking we have seen the biggest waves, but the power of the waves is incredible, daunting and lots of fun. Not so good for snorkelling.

Body surfing

Body surfing

Pam and John brought their company over for drinks before dinner. Two more new Canadian tourists will enjoy ten days on Montserrat.

Brian made a delicious fish chowder and I made a salad. We had guava ice cream for dessert. The choice of guava was prompted by the guava fruit Brian and I picked from a tree at the Viewpoint Resort. The fruit was much more fragrant than the ice cream which had more of a berry than guava flavour.

What is this plant? The leaves feel like wood.

What is this plant? The leaves feel like wood.

It’s pouring. Bryan and Susan tell us we have seen more wind and rain than they usually do. It has not stopped us from having a fabulous time…swimming, hiking, star gazing. Tonight might just be the first one when we will not be able to search for planets and stars and the Lovejoy comet. It looks as if we might have to play a four hand game of Pepper. Don’t worry, Barb, it won’t affect our championship!



  1. Rona Lynn I have soooo enjoyed your Blogs. It sounds like you have really explored the island .It has made me Google and find out so much about the island.It sounds like you were with a great group Jim and I did a good 6mile walk 2days ago walking 3miles an hour which is not bad for us young birds!
    Love and hugs Kate and Jim

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