Game On


January 11, 2015

Most nights there is a shower, often it comes on quickly while we are stargazing, and we quickly retreat to the covered living room. With the large open arches we still have the pleasure of the thundering downpour and fresh smell of rain without getting wet. Last night the torrential downpour happened after most had gone to sleep, but I heard it and listened to memories of my first two weeks in Burkina Faso…more than four decades ago!

Most evenings we play cards, Pepper, to be exact, a game that was new to Brian and me. We play in friendly competitive teams: gals against the guys. We, women, were off to a great start winning games, but the men took the lead then we tied the series last night.

We added a new game to our repertoire last night. We played tabletop curling prior to our card game. Although there were tiny brooms available, we did not have much need of sweeping on the glass tabletop. With Nana hefting the curling rock with deadly aim, we thought our team had them beat, but in the end the men prevailed.




The Taj as seen from The former Viewpoint Resort

If other games are needed, board games are available, but we also turn to our electronic devices to check on email from family and friends, see how much cold and snow we are missing and play word games near and far. Still waiting for some words, Alex. Among us, we have two laptops, four iPads, and two Kobo readers. Only Nana is sticking strictly with a paperback. All of us have booklets about Montserrat to read…local guides about, trees, flowers and birds.

As reported, we have had many meals out as we sample the island businesses, but we have been taking turns cooking or acting as sous-chefs. Susan makes terrific crepes which are perfect topped with lime juice and brown sugar. Brian made a loaf of bread yesterday. It is all gone. Bread is a tough commodity to acquire. You have to line up early at the bakery. Even buying flour is not always easy.

We had a wonderful spiral ham last night with scalloped potatoes and roasted squash cubes, a joint cooking affair. We will have plenty of ham sandwiches in the next few days.

We are returning to Johnny Pont’s at noon for his Sunday Barbecue special.

I did my morning yoga on the upper deck with a rainbow and a hummingbird welcoming me to this new day.

Cow with friends at the Viewpoint

Cow with friends at the Viewpoint

The sun is out….time to explore.


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