After five swims today, you would not think I would need a shower but it felt good to desalinate and dechlorinate my hair. Ah, Montserrat, you are beautiful! 26C is really a perfect temperature. A pleasant breeze refreshes. The water, both in the pool and in the ocean, feels only slightly cooler than the air.

Fly Air Montserrat

Fly Air Montserrat

We are so thankful to our neighbours, Bryan and Susan, for inviting us to The Taj in Montserrat, their paradise. In spite of thick layers of ash covering their abode after the Soufriere volcano erupted, they did not abandon their retreat but continue to restore it.

Getting to Montserrat involved flying Air Canada to Antigua. Fortunately what was to have been a five hour flight was finished in four and a half hours. I say “fortunately” as we were starving. A glass of orange juice was simply not enough breakfast. I never thought I would say that I would have been happy if the flight attendant had served a packet of pretzels. How quickly we can lower our standards!

We joined fellow travellers, Barb and Al, in the airport in Antigua for pizza and beer while we waited for our flight to Montserrat. A satisfying repast. We didn’t mind that Captain Abe of Air Montserrat didn’t offer us food since the flight was only twenty minutes long in our 7 passenger plane. You know that you are in a small plane when you are sitting directly behind the pilot and are close enough to touch the control panel. As we flew into this green island, we saw Bryan waiting for us on top of the terminal. He drove us to the Taj on winding hilly roads filling us in on the local points of interest.

At the beach

We travel from the drier North side of the island two thirds of the way down the western side where growth is much more luxuriant. We spot a variety of flowering shrubs, trees and palm trees. Some shrubs are the small potted house plants we see in Canada.



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