Living at Cobble Beach

Although I love to travel, I do not have to travel to have a great time. I live in the beautiful resort of Cobble Beach where I enjoy many outdoor pursuits which vary with the season and the weather. Georgian Bay did not warm up this summer as much as I would have liked; so, I swam more in the pool than the Bay and kayaked and sailed more than I swam. I did all of these sports more in July and August than golfing because our grandchildren, Alex and Julie, were with us for a month. Water and children automatically go together with Grandma. Much of my pleasure was an extension of their enthusiasm and exuberance. Julie learned to swim the length of the pool dog paddling, on her back and under water. I am not sure which of us was more thrilled by these successes!


Brian or Alex usually initiated golf ball hunting, but Julie and I joined in. I was usually the first to say we had enough golf balls and suggest that we go home, but then I was the bag lady carrying more than a hundred balls. The other three would probably have insisted on looking for glow in the dark balls if I hadn’t bribed the younger set with ice cream bars. No ice cream for Grandpa as he was the last one home.

Some of my longest swims have been around the dock in September. Our first two weeks were the warmest weeks of summer. After our grandchildren left, Brian and I returned to nearly daily golfing: lessons for me, practice and rounds of golf. Since golf is so challenging and every game is different, I can happily spend my time walking the Cobble Beach course and not having to travel elsewhere to miss a putt or lose a ball.

Jim meets an old friend and competitor.

Jim meets an old friend and competitor.

This past weekend the weather was cooler and wetter but did not wash out the second annual Concours d’Elegance on the ninth and eighteenth fairways of Cobble Beach. An estimated five thousand spectators admired the beautiful art of the more than one hundred classic cars on display. The most important of those spectators were my brothers, Jim and John, and sisters-in-law, Lynn and Karen, who enjoyed the weekend with us. I loved to hear Jim, John and Brian animatedly discussing and reminiscing about cars.

Electric Car

Electric Car

You do not have to be a car buff to enjoy the Concours. There were twenty-two classes of cars including representatives from auto museums, a micro class of very tiny cars and rare European cars. The world came to Cobble Beach. The car owners were enthusiastic in speaking about their cars, what they had done to lovingly restore them, some over a period of decades.


We sported more layers of clothing to ward off the chill and spent the whole day roaming among the cars. When I say, “the whole day”, I really mean it. Brian and I started our volunteer duty at six in the morning, in the dark, with a flashlight, leading the classic cars from the local cruise clubs to their positions on the ninth fairway. I was hoping for a more spectacular sunrise but a fairly dense cloud cover hid most of what could have been amazing colour over pond and bay. Watching the reflections of the cars in the pond as they motored to their destination was still magical.


We were ready for bed much earlier on Sunday night than Saturday night. All that oxygen, and maybe a few car fumes, did us in. On Saturday evening we also had an important event to celebrate: Kate’s birthday. We were pleased to have Kate and Jim with Heather and Bud join us for family dinner. Brian’s pulled pork is always a big hit and did not disappoint! Our guests had also brought a variety of cheese, wine and champagne; so, we had much with which to feast. My angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream was the “low cal” finale to a very satisfying meal.

Lovely together

Lovely together

And now it is Monday. Our guests have gone home. Rain is soaking the garden, and the view to the Bay is grey and green. A good day to read, write, play with photos and practice my Spanish…for the next time I decide to travel further than Cobble Beach.


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