Home again

View from the front of our house March 15 at 7:20 PM

View from the front of our house March 15 at 7:20 PM

We arrived home at 4:30 PM to snow conditions that look remarkably similar to six weeks ago. We will be skiing again, but not tonight! We are still somewhat groggy. I slept 14 hours last night in Niagara. I might still have been sleeping but Brian woke me up; so, we could go home.

We had a brief visit with Amanda and kids and dropped Brilynn off at her apartment, drove through blizzard conditions north of Flesherton, bought groceries in Owen Sound then drove home on dry roads but between snow banks that had a fresh white coating, probably ten centimetres worth.

We paid $150 for groceries and we both remarked that we had far more bags of food for our money than what we had for the same amount in New Zealand. Food and drink are not cheap there.

Kishu did not even bother getting off the back of my (her) armchair to meow a welcome to us. We know that Corey did a great job of looking after her and our house. We can recommend Corey as a wonderful cat and house sitter. We are thinking we should hire Corey for regular house cleaning.

When I have had another night’s sleep I will post some recommendations and parting thoughts on New Zealand.

In a garden at Honolulu airport

In a garden at Honolulu airport

Some photos were never taken, but the images remain in my mind. Two nights ago, I think it was two nights ago, we were flying across the United States with clear skies and a full moon. Although the monitor in front of us said that we were flying at a speed of 960 to 990 kilometres per hour, at a fairly constant altitude of 39000 feet, it felt as if we were quietly floating above a magical black and white landscape that I could almost touch. In the west was mesmerized by the patchwork quilt of snow covered folded mountains and valleys with rivers threading in and out. There were very few human lights and only small square patches of towns. I referred to the monitor often to figure out what state we were hovering over. As we reached the midwest all was still snow covered but the light patches grew and their shapes were more random. New York was ablaze with light and visible from a considerable distance but as we flew closer a red band of sunlight stretched across the Atlantic and submerged the human light. Our captain flew us in a great arc over the Atlantic and landed us on dry tarmac. What a change from the blizzard conditions we left six weeks earlier.

Our flight to Buffalo was just over an hour, all in clear skies. Soon out of New York there was more snow covering the landscape. It’s great to come into the Buffalo airport as there are no Customs lines to wait in. That was taken care of in Honolulu. We had only to receive great hugs from my sister, Margaret, and collect our bags for the drive to Niagara.

We had a super amazing trip! It was the best fortieth anniversary gift we could have  given ourselves. I highly recommend it!



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