If the last month was an occasion to lose all track of date and time, the past two days were even more so. We are now at JFK in New York. It is apparently Friday, March 14th at 7:06 AM. We left Auckland on Thursday, March 13th at 11:55 PM. in the past 7 hours and 11 minutes we have travelled 15000+ kilometres at a jet speed of approximately 1000 kilometres per hour. We passed the international dateline and the equator and we did not notice either line on the Pacific Ocean. We spent six hours at the Honolulu Airport, mostly outside where the temperature was 27C And now here in New York it is minus 4C.   A shower and clean clothes would be delightful. Still one mor flight to Buffalo, but our plane does not leave until 10:35 AM. In Auckland it is now the wee hours of Saturday, March 15.

It was 25 C when we left Auckland. The check-in process started off very slowly, but once at our gate we were surprised to see that we were boarding an hour before the scheduled departure time. The plane door were closed twenty-five minutes ahead of time, but in the end we circled around the runways and left as scheduled.

Honolulu airport is quite confusing but it is easy to spend time outside in a garden. We lay flat on our backs on the grass and caught a few winks while small doves sidled up to our bodies in search of food. They were disappointed but didn’t take it out on us.

Hawaiian Airlines gives good service with lots of smiles and Mahalo (thank you) and good food for planes.

Sleep, where art thou? I did not sleep much on either flight. Brian dozed more on the first flight. We played Ticket to Ride against each other on our iPads. I have been listening to the novel, The Invention of Wings, while Brian has been reading his Zite articles.

Time to find a coffee and muffin.


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