Last night we enjoyed a delicious sea food platter for two at Limon Restaurant on one of the many Auckland piers. Then we retired to our beautiful apartment in West Quai Suites where we could easily move in for a month or more. There was even a washer and dryer.

Sea food platter for two

Sea food platter for two

Today was a perfect summer day. We wore a t-shirt, shorts and sandals and took the 10:30 AM ferry to Rangitoto Island where the 600 year volcano is the youngest kid on the block. It is a very rugged island of black volcanic rock with shrubs and tree that are slowly covering over the rock. There are no concessions; so, we had to pack our lunch and water for the day. We walked up the black trail to the summit pausing to listen for and spot birds. After chatting at the top with an Aucklander who came from Scotland 40 years ago and never left, we skirted the crater then took the path to Mackenzie Bay then followed the coastal path back to,the ferry wharf. After four hours of walking we were happy to cool our black feet in the lovely sea water. I wished I had worn my bathing suit. No beaches on this island, just black rock.

Rangitoto Beacon

Rangitoto Beacon

At 3:30 PM we got the last ferry back to Auckland where we sipped a cappuccino on the wharf overlooking the sailboats that were part of the marine museum. Auckland has a beautiful waterfront, very people-friendly with walking paths, a pedestrian lift bridge, awesome sea creature playground and billions of dollars worth of yachts and sailboats. We could not decide which sailboat we wanted….the sleek 210 foot one or one of the small 100 footers, or maybe we should get the three storey yacht that had a helicopter parked on it. The yacht was only 240 feet long. After two hours of boat ogling with no invitations on any of them for dinner, we made our way to a restaurant on a pier and secured a table in the shade. We had had enough sun for the day. I had another superb sea food chowder while Brian ate a large plate of fish and chips. We shared his salad and I made sure to eat all of the cucumber slices.

Waterfront, Auckland

Waterfront, Auckland

We made our way to our hotel where our baggage was stored for us. We gave ourselves a sponge bath in the washroom and changed into clothes more suitable for travelling. Hello, long pants!



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