Sublime Wines- Waitaki Valley

March 11, 2014

End of a wonderful journey together

End of a wonderful journey together

After a comfortable sleep and a hearty breakfast we bid farewell to our travelling companions and our suspension-less Camry. Jim and Kate headed for Kurow and the scenic route past Lakes Pukaki and Tekapo to Christchurch. They fly tomorrow morning to Singapore then home to England. We were to get a ride with Fenella to Oamaru tomorrow then a bus to Christchurch then plane to Auckland for one more night before leaving NZ. We just learned from Fenella that she is driving their two HelpX French lads to Oamaru along with Madeline in the morning. We might be hitch hiking! We have not done that yet in New Zealand!

Ah, problem just averted…we are all going in the club cab truck with the smallest of the French guys going in the “boot”…he volunteered.

One of 7 dams on the Waitake

One of 7 dams on the Waitake

This morning, Brian and I borrowed Steve’s truck and drove to see two of the hydro dams and reservoir lakes, then rode mountain bikes for an hour along Lake Avemore. Lots of suspension on those bikes, but definitely lacking the cushy gel seats we are used to.

Back in Kurow we had meat pie for lunch while sitting on an overstuffed couch reading the Otago News. On the front page was an article about the old railway station in Oamaru being put up for sale. This is where Fenella has her art studio.

We walked about downtown Kurow, all two blocks of it. Many of the few shops are only open four days a week and this was not one of them. Very tranquil.  The Kurow Museum of Social Security records that Kurow is where the National Social Security began. There was a very interesting story about one of the original inhabitants of Kurow, Christian Hille. He shepherded one thousand sheep from Australia to here . The boat couldn’t land In Oamaru because of bad weather; so, he had to land in the north at Blenheim. By the time he herded the sheep to Kurow, he had two thousand sheep.

Pom, waiting for a walk

Pom, waiting for a walk

This afternoon, we took Pom, a German short haired pointer, for an hour’s walk down by the river. It would be more appropriate to say that Pom took us for a walk and with all of her meanderings, she certainly had more exercise than we did.

Steve and Fenella's flock of sheep

Steve and Fenella’s flock of sheep

We moved in with the family for our second night. The Barbie is ready for steaks. Steve has steaks in hand. Fenella is working miracles in the kitchen.

After a scrumptious repast, Fenella and I played tarot with the three helpers. I have not played in years. I was the big loser.


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