Getting to Sublime

Sublime Wines B and B

Sublime Wines B and B

March 10, 2014 It was a misty morning when we left Dunedin headed north. Fortunately the mistiness and drizzle had stopped by the time we got out of the car at the Moeraki Lighthouse at Katiki Point just south of Moeraki. Without paying any kind of admission we walked along the bluffs and saw eight individual yellow-eyed penguins and multitudes of bull seals, some lying on the grass beside us, some on the kelp and some on the rocks below. image We had cappuccinos at the Moeraki Tavern then carried on to Oamaru. We had our picnic sandwich at the most wonderful children’s playground by the harbour. I know that our grand kids would love it. A sculpture of a gentleman atop a penny-farthing cycled above some saucer swings. A huge elephant was ready to be climbed on the inside or outside then slid down. There was a giant tower to climb then a twisting tunnel slide, a zip line, and a giant guinea pig wheel to run in as well as a pirate ship. Delightful!

Julie and Alex would love this playground.

Julie and Alex would love this playground.

It was very interesting to walk down Harbour Street where the whole street has been returned to its former architectural glory and filled with art galleries, museums, craft shops. Much of Oamaru’s main street has beautiful 19th century buildings made of cream coloured Oamaru limestone.

Brian trying a penny farthing

Brian trying a penny farthing

Sadly we did not know that Fenella has her paintings on display in the Grainstone Gallery. We took photos of the store but the day was wearing on; so, we continued to Okiate to Sublime Wines Vineyard and B and B. Four years ago Brilynn stayed here at Steve and Fenella’s twice for a few weeks each time. Brilynn connected with Fenella through and a fine friendship was born. I think Brilynn was more envious of our visiting Steve and Fenella than our trip to New Zealand.


We are excited to be at Sublime Wines and hug Steve and Fenella for Brilynn. What a wonderful couple! Kate and Jim connected with them right away as Steve and Fenella once worked three seasons in Scotland for the same people who own Muncaster Castle in Ravenglas close to where Jim lives and where Kate used to live. Brian and I visited the grounds of Muncaster a year ago. We have met their daughters, Madeline and Cassidhe, both of whom were happy to meet Brilynn’s parents and to receive maple syrup for Kemble Mountain Maple Products. We were served an awesome meal: sausage made of pork, paua, chicken, pork belly served on a paua shell with autumn jelly, merino lamb shoulder with chorizo sausage and scalloped potatoes and hazelnut almond cake with fresh whipped cream, all served with copious amounts of Sublime Wine…Chardonnay and Pinot Noir plus some of Steve’s brother’s Australian Chardonnay from near Melbourne.

Hazelnut almond cake

Hazelnut almond cake



  1. Hello Rona Lynn and Brian. How lovely it is to go armchair travelling with you. Many thanks for sharing your adventures! I hope we can keep you entertained once you are home. Still skiing here in Canada and longing for spring. 4 foot high snow mounds beside our driveway. Bring back the sunshine with you.
    Susan and Bryan

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