Small things

Pretty, but I know not what.

Pretty, but I know not what.

We checked out the DOC (Department of Conservation) this morning and a very friendly lady (everyone is friendly in NZ) advised that a good walk for us would be on the Kepler Track from Rainbow Reach to Moturau Hut and back. She was right. We walked the 12 kilometres in 3 1/2 to 4 hours, depending on who of us you were, including time out for lunch at the hut and photo stops along the way.

Even though it rained much of the morning, in the forest we did not get wet, at least not soaked. The sun even came out from time to time and we enjoyed some filtered sunshine through the trees.

Ferns galore

Ferns galore

There are so many different kinds of mosses and ferns. We continually stop to marvel at them…some very tiny mosses and some very large ferns. There are very few birds, but a friendly New Zealand greeted us a couple of times and even let us watch very closely while he pulled a worm out of the ground and beat it against a log to cut it into smaller pieces to swallow.

New Zealand robin

New Zealand robin

The sand flies were pesky at the hut but not at all noticeable in the forest.

We crossed two swing bridges on our way to Lake Manapouri, one of the longest and most stable and one of the narrowest (one person wide).



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