Rainforest and glaciers

It rained all night and into the early morning. Actually it poured, the kind of rain that drums loudly through your sleep. It has poured off and on all day and is doing so again now. Kate just left in the car to pick up Brian and Jim who went to the store in search of our supper. We decided we didn’t want them or our groceries to be soaked.

This morning, Jim and Kate were lucky that the rain held off long enough for them to have a magnificent helicopter ride to view Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers and Mount Cook and to have a glacier landing. The photos Kate took of the ice look like paintings.

Fox Glacier crevasses making art

Fox Glacier crevasses making art

Brian and I went for a two hour rainforest walk to view the Fox Glacier terminal face from the forest. We walked uphill for an hour and ten minutes admiring and taking photos of ferns and moss and the base of huge trees that in many cases appeared to be made of several trees with tunnels under them. It was good that there was a well maintained gravel path to follow because there was certainly no way to take any shortcuts into the thick undergrowth. We saw one small bird a few times and heard but did. It see a large bird, most likely a kea, a parrot-like bird.

Swing bridge crossing a raging river to dense rainforest

Swing bridge crossing a raging river to dense rainforest

Our return walk was in pouring rain. The rainforest canopy helped shelter us somewhat but I practically ran across the suspension bridge as it was very windy and I was feeling wet and chilled. Poor Brian is suffering from a cold with a bad cough and the weather did not improve his condition. We wore rain jackets but should have packed our rain pants.

This afternoon the four of us went for an hour and a half walk rainforest walk around Lake Matheson, reputedly a great place to glimpse reflections of Mount Cook. We wonder how many minutes in any given week a person would be able to photograph Mount Cook being reflected in the lake. We suspect it is often hidden in clouds as it was today.

Spaghetti and salad are on the menu tonight. We have had the heater on in the apartment last night and all day today. The first day we have worn long pants and long sleeves. During supper the sun came out and displayed Mount Cook. We drove 10 kilometres down the road for a better view and to see the sunset. We sat at the roadside and talked to a big brown bull in the field


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