Seals and shore

It is very relaxing sitting on the deck, with my body in the shade and my feet in the sun, listening to the waves crashing below, watching the colourful flowers wave in the gentle breeze. Brian just started the smoker; so, now burning Maluka wood chips add scent to the breeze. Brian fished on the Buller River this morning and caught three Kahawai, a salt water fish. We will have smoked fish to take with us on our journey south tomorrow.

Brian's Kahawai catch

Brian’s Kahawai catch

While Brian fished, Kate, Jim and I hiked to the Cape Foulwind lighthouse and to the seal colony beyond. Our track led us in zigzags up and down along the edge of the cliff above the sea. I think it’s a law in New Zealand that all paths, tracks and roads zigzag up and down.

New Zealand fur seals

New Zealand fur seals

Jim sped ahead of us while Kate and I took photos. I clicked less than normal since my battery needed recharging. The wooden lighthouse which had character has been replaced by a boring concrete one, but all the sea panoramas were magnificent. From our viewing platform, we were able to watch the female seals and their pups lazing and frolicking on the rocks below.

The beach below at low tide

The beach below at low tide

After our six and a half kilometre walk we were ready for toasted tomato sandwiches on the deck. at low tide we were able to walk Gibson’s Beach which is the cove below our accommodations. At high tide you would have to swim across, but the undertow would probably sweep you away.

We are going to the Star Tavern, an easy walk from here, for fish and chips.


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