Mountains, Rivers, Gorges, Heaven

We are the most fortunate people. The winding, twisting road continues, this time, through mountains, river valleys, and gorges to the sea. It is a blue sky day, but cooler, unless you are sitting on the sunny side of the car.

Hope Saddle Lookout

Hope Saddle Lookout

As with each new place we will be coming to, I have had reservations about the reservations I made. A queen room with ensuite and a studio, in a remote area on the west coast. Hmm, will there be cooking facilities, a barbecue? I booked Steeples Cottage and B and B at Cape Foulwind in September. that is a long time ago. Yes, I look it up on the internet, but I was no longer certain about what we would have. I knew that the cottage was unavailable, but I could not remember what we had access to.

Buller Gorge swing bridge...the longest in NZ. Watch out for sand flies!

Buller Gorge swing bridge…the longest in NZ. Watch out for sand flies!

No worries. Bruce met us at the door and welcomed us home. We have a friend in New Zealand! The very comfortable twenty year old bungalow overlooks the Tasman Sea. We have everything at our disposal, a very modern kitchen, comfy leather armchairs and couch, a big outdoor table and chairs, big stainless barbecue, a view looking out to a garden full of flowers with the sea beyond the garden gate. The only caution: Do not go through the gate! The step beyond is one hundred feet straight down to the rock beach below.  The garden is filled with what would be annuals in Canada, but I am sure most are perennials here: cosmos, petunias, begonias, freesia, ageratum, dahlias, borders of agapanthus. I am in my garden! I am at home! We will not be meeting the chief gardener. Pauline is with her daughter who is tending to a medical problem in Christchurch.

A big step down. 500 metres north of Cape Foulwind lighthouse.

A big step down. 500 metres north of Cape Foulwind lighthouse.

Bruce is loquacious. We learn much about New Zealand and discover that he and Brian are kindred spirits. Would you believe that Bruce only has one sibling and married Pauline who is one of nine children. They are about to celebrate their fortieth anniversary. Bruce is a fisherman, likes to cook and do woodworking. Need I say more?


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