Chateau Tongariro

The chief challenging us at Tamaki Maori Village

The chief challenging us at Tamaki Maori Village

I am beginning to feel like a pretty good travel agent. Our accommodations get better and better. We are now in the mountains at the famous Tongariro Crossing. We are staying at the Fergusson Motel in a two bedroom unit across from the Chateau, but we have full access to the Chateau facilities. We have already had a swim in the pool and a sauna. For $175 NZ for the night for the four of us, we think we have great value.

We walked the two hour loop to Taranaki Falls. Awesome! Lots of up and down on a relatively well worn path, through desert like conditions in bright sun and in cooler Forest. Lots of purple heather, white flowers (hebe?) and many flowers, shrubs and trees we could not identify.

Because we stayed on Lake Rotorua last night, but outside town, we did not sleep with the pervading sulphur smell. Today we passed thermal pools visible from the road and with accompanying smell. We also drove along side big Lake Taupo although it was quite hazy today.

No barbecue for our rissoles tonight, but that would be the only fault of this location. We even have a washer and dryer and are doing a load of clothes.

See Brian at the top?

See Brian at the top?



  1. Hi,
    Great that you are all having such a good time really enjoying your blog and getting lots of ideas send our love to Kate and Jim Christine and Bobx

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