Hangi Feast

Countryside south of Hahei from speeding car

Countryside south of Hahei from speeding car

We just returned to our Lake Rotorua lakeside apartment after enjoying a Hangi feast at Tamaki Maori Village. We were well entertained with the history and culture of the Maoris and we were well fed. Much of the food was steamed underground in a pit, a metre deep and a metre and a half in diameter, covered with cloth and buried with earth. We had a delicious and very filling meal: mussels, fish, lamb, chicken, potatoes, kumara, carrots, salad, bread, chutney, mint sauce, gravy, stuffing, peaches and cream, passion fruit pavlova, steamed pudding with custard. We were truly stuffed.

The Maoris displayed a good sense of humour and presented in a sincere, authentic way.

I enjoyed a walk on the beach at Hahei this morning while Brian made scrambled eggs and J and K packed for Rotorua.

We passed through kiwi fruit growing terrain today. Kiwi are grown in plots surrounded by amazing thirty foot tall hedges of cedar or pine or willow. Quite the sight!

Kiwi vines near Tauranga

Kiwi vines near Tauranga


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