Kayaking to Cathedral Cove

K and RL passed the cave test

K and RL passed the cave test

Jim makes a great gin and tonic!

Yesterday was a driving day, in fact, the longest planned drive of our trip….6 1/2 hours plus one and a half hours of stops…for cappucino, groceries, gas ( pricey stuff…$2.22/litre). Photo ops were not allowed, because on those windy twisty roads, paved this time, there were no pull-offs and because Jim was driving fast. Glad not to see patrol cars! Surprisingly there were actually 35 km/ hr limits on some of those series of S bends, but Jim paid no heed. Brian cautioned him, while announcing each left -right curve in advance as displayed on the GPS. What a beautiful country!

We arrived in Hahei on the scenic Coromandel Peninsula in time for a leisurely swim in the Pacific. Water temperature was probably 21C. We have a three bedroom cottage with a large backyard and garden of huge succulents one block from the beach.

At 8:45 AM we were getting our kayaking lesson and putting on our spray skirts and life jackets. Jim didn’t sleep all night worried that he would turn turtle in the kayak. And what would we tell his kids about his demise. We assured him this never happened, and it did not to Jim and Brian who shared a kayak, but it did to another couple who we watched get assistance from our very calm guide. No fatalaties or injuries.

What a fantastic day! We kayaked around Motueka Island,  had a cappucino or mochacino on the beach at Cathedral Cove, went for a swim and a walk admiring gigantic rock formations.

upon our return we were greeted by kiwi friends of Kate’s who had lunch with us, then we went swimming and body surfing. I love this place.

Yes, that's me holding up that rock!

Yes, that’s me holding up that rock!






  1. A man after my heart (driving fast – JIM), Stop worrying – what a way to go! When do I get to taste Brian’s cooking? Rona Lynn, as I see it you were in the greatest danger but then if an earthquake hit, you’d all be gone.

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