Bay of Islands

Sailing in the Bay of Islands was both exciting and peaceful. Rick and Robin with their sailboat, Phantom, were great hosts for our full day excursion in the Bay of Islands. We were under full sail and gib and got up to 7.5 knots for a good part of the trip.

We anchored offshore from one of the 144 islands. Brian dove in and I jumped in and we swam to shore. The four other couples took the dinghy to shore, but some, including Jim and Kate swam back to the boat with us. We were on the island for an hour and climbed to the top of a hill for beautiful views all around the island.

Back on board we enjoyed a lovely lunch of smoked fish, frittata, molasses bread with plum chutney and two island cheeses…cheddar and feta, oranges and passion fruit cake with ice tea. one of the passengers also shared her rose with me.

our second Valentine’s dinner is being prepared by chef Brian…barbecued red snapper with fresh corn on the cob and roasted kumari. Kate and I will make salad. Jim will set the table and do the dishes.

Looks like a night for playing cards…Hand and Foot unless the salty sea air causes us to go to bed early.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



A view going up the hill

A view going up the hill

A passing ship

A passing ship



  1. Looks great and sounds delicious. Glad you having a good time. Finished the bedroom (end of my painting career – sore neck, shoulders, arms).
    In KW this weekend / Sun. OS Cultural Awards. Calendar Girls was great.
    Love to all,

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