Driving to Russell

We can readily make a 100 km trip into a day’s journey. Lots to see and do. Grocery shopping adds to every day. Posh Nosh in Kerikeri for artistic cappuccino. Visiting Maori sites. Our picnic sandwiches with ginger beer ( or beer if you are men) on the waterfront.

Attention race car fans (James A), have I got a deal for you! Let your GPS take you to the least used gravel road …Oromahoe Road through the Opua Forest. 16 km of twisting winding undulating road meant for two way traffic but seriously only built for one lane, with the Forest falling off to the left and rising cliff like on the right, except where you are on a ridge and it falls off on both sides. If you have Kate beside you it means she is inching ever closer hoping to keep the car from tumbling down, down, down.

At the end of the road you get in line for the ferry and take the leisurely ten minute ride to Russell along with two school buses and about fifteen cars.

Ounuwhao Lodge is everything the internet promised and more. Definitely more than five star! Beautiful quilts  on walls, beds, tables, made into pillows.

time to run…going on a sixty foot sailboat on a cruise of the islands.

Waterfall walk near Kerikeri

Waterfall walk near Kerikeri









  1. Meanwhile we are wondering if we will receive the full 20 inches of snow that was forecast or whether we will be lucky and only receive 14 inches…

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