Water Warmer than the Air

Admiring rocks and coral in the rain

Admiring rocks and coral in the rain

I am sitting outside under shelter from the rain, wrapped in a blanket. I know it isn’t as cold as Ontario, but it is not as warm as Hawaii should be. It has been raining for 24 hours and the wind blowing from the water is chilling. The sky is a uniform grey. It is difficult to see the horizon line. Sky and ocean meet in grey. The waves are huge and mesmerizing. Our hostess who is probably in her late thirties cannot remember a winter this cold.

Nevertheless we have enjoyed our day. We walked for more than an hour on the beach this morning wearing a long sleeved top and rain jacket. We drove into Hanalei ( home of Puff the Magic Dragon) to pick up food for tonight’s barbecue…shrimp and marlin, and to check out the tourist shops. This afternoon we walked the beach in our bathing suits because our destination was snorkelling. We were shivering by the time we were back to our room. The hot water outdoor shower was most appreciated.

Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow.

Snorkelling at Haena...water warmer than the air

Snorkelling at Haena…water warmer than the air


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